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off the former marriage with Nabal, which was not
a state of marriage, but of adultery, it is joined to the
heavenly David in a marriage covenant that cannot
be broken? 4 and lastly, nothing c#n be more
excellent, than that inheritance, which, in right
of adoption, the fons of God obtain, and which

is bequeathed to them by an irrevocable testa. The na XXVIII. 'It will not be unprofitable to infilt a

little on this point, and, having opened the TESTA
God's tel.
tamentex. MENT of our father, to enquire, what and how
plained. CONSIDERABLE THE GOODS, and under what stipu."

LATIONS, he has bequeathed them to us. By the
TESTAMENT we mean, the last and immutable will of
God. recorded in the writings of the Holy Sripture, and
ratified by the death and blood of Jesus, whereby be bath
declared his chosen and believing people to be bis heirs of
the whole inheritance. I say the teflament is the will
of God, or that counsel of bis will, Eph. 1. 11, by
which he has appointed both the heirs and the
inheritance, and of which our saviour was speaking,
Luke 12. 32; eúdoxndavé rietup, it is your fathers' good
pleasure to give you the kingdom : I add, it is the last
and irrevocable will of the father; for as this is
required to a valid testament, Gal. 3. 15, so it is
not deficient in this respect : wherein God willing more
abundantly to there unto the heirs of promise the im.
mutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath: that
by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for
God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, Heb. 6.
17, 18. By this his will, he appointed or fettled
both the inheritance as well of grace as of glory, of
which we shall speak just now; and alto the beirs,
not indefinitely, whosoever believes; but by name,
this and the other perfons, whose names are written in
beaven, Luke. 10. 20, and greven upon the palms of
God's hands, Isa. 49. 16. This his will he has
expressed in the facred writings of both inftruments,
which for that reason, are also called Testament,


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Cor. 3. 14. In fine, that nothing might be wanting, the whole is confirmed and sealed by the blood and death of the Lord Jesus, Heb. 9. 16, 17. In order to understand this, we must observe, that God the father did, by testament, give and bequeath that honour to his son Jesus Christ, to be the head of the elect in glory, and have a right to bestow upon them all his goods. Pf. 2. 8. Jesus again, does, by the power made over to him by the father, dispose by testament of his goods to be communicated to the elect: and I datideyan appoint by testament unto you a kingdom, as my father bath diesero appointed by testament unto meg. Luke 22.29. So that this inaking of the testament is, indeed, originally from the father, yet immediately from Christ the mediator ; who died, not to vacate or annul, by bis death, the inheritance; for, he is alive for ever more, Rev. 1. 18; but to seal the promises, and acquire for his people a right to the inheritance. Hence the blood, which he shed, is called the blood of tbe testament, Zach. 9. 11, Mat.26. 28.

XXIX. The goods or blessings bequeathed by Thegoods this testament, are of all others the molt excellent; as became, Ilt. The riches and liberal bounty of our heavenly father, from whom we may expect so extraordinary goods or blessings, which neither eye hath seen nor ear heard, nor hath entred into the heart of man to conceive any like them, I Cor. 2. 9. Concerning this the Psalmist deservedly sings, Obow great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for tbem that fear thee, which thou hajt wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men! Pf. 31. 19. 2dly. The glory of our elder brother, whose jointbeirs we are, Rom. 8. 17, and who glories in his heritage, PS, 16. 6. 3dly. As became that dignity, to which God hath raised us, having adopted us for his foris ! for to them he gives great and precious promises, 2. Pet, 1. 4. Did we minutely profecute


of the tera tamento


these points, we should write a large volume:
at present we will reduce tlie whole to three principal

1. Poffef- · XXX. The first is the polefion of the whole
fon of the world: for, it was promised to Abraham and his

feed, that they should be beirs of the world, Rom. 4. world,

13. On which place let us hear the commentary of
Ludovicus de Dieu : as fin, by separating us from God,
and subječting us to bis curse, benished and difinherited
us, so that we have no spiritual right or dominion, as
became Sons of God, over the meanest creature : To on
the other hand, when God becomes our God, and we bis
blessed people, we are restored, as fons, to the right and
dominion of all our paternal inheritance : and feeing there
is nothing besides God and the world, we are made heirs ?
of the world, both the earthly, the heavenly, the prefent
and the world to come. When God introduced Adam
into the habitable earth, he constituted him Lord of
the world, and gave him a'right and claim to use the
rest of the creatures for his own advantage, Gen. 1.
28. But Adam, by his sin, lost that' right ; so that
neither himself, nor any of his pofterity, while in a
state of fin, have any true and spiritual right, which
can ftand in the court of heaven, to touch any
creature. But Christ has made a new purchase of it,
for himself and his brethren. Pf.: 8 6.) Whence il
Cor. 3. 21, all things are yours*; and among these all
things, THE WORLD is mentioned v. 22, and what !
ever is in it, things present and things to come. For,
adds, the Apostle v. 23, ye are Christ's." 3. Det

XXXI. Now this poffesion of the world confifts
in these following things. ift. That every Son of

God does possess to much of the good things of this plained.

world, as the wisdom of his 'heavenly father has
ordained, to be fo sufficient for the support of his
animal life, that’his spiritual may fuffer no detrimene,"
and that he truly poffefs it in fiich a manner, as, in*
the use and enjoynient thereof, he may taste the love
of his father, bestowing that upon him, as an


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Thereason of this ex

earnest of a far better good, and of his elder brother, who became poor, that his people might be rich, 2 Cor. 8. 9. This love of God the father, and of Christ, when added to the least crumb of bread, or drop of cold water, makes these preferable, in the highest degree to all the most exquisite dainties of the rich of this world : a little, that a righteous man bath, is better than the ricbes of marry wicked, Pf. 37. 16. 2dly. That all the creatures ought to serve them as steps, by which to ascend to the creator. For, in all of them they view, as in a bright mirrour, his adorable perfections, Pf. 104. 24, and in that medication they exult, Pf. 92.4, 5. Above all, they perceive in them the love of God towards them. When they view the fun, the moon, the stars, they rejoice, that their father has lighted up so many tapers for them, at which they may work, what becomes the Sons of God: nor do they less admire this, than if every one had his own sun or his own moon, shining upon him, Neither do they exceed the bounds of decency, PS. 8. 3, 4, when they think; that the world remains in its present , ftate on their account, and that the wicked are endebred to them for this : for, the holy feed is the substance (support) of the world, Ija: 6. 13. 3dly: That all the creatures, and the whole government of God about them, may work together for their good, Rom. 8. 28. This is so extensive, that both angels and devils are obliged to this service : as to-angels, are they not ministring Spirits, jent forth to minister for them, who pall be heirs of salvation; Heb. 1. 14, PS. 34. 7, and Pf. 91. II. And with respect to that infernal spirit, the teacher of arrogance; was he not constrained, by his bufferings, in spite of himself, and acting from a different view, to teach Paul humility? 2 Cor. 12. 7. 4thly. If this world, which is subjected to vanity becau e of fin, shall not fuffice them, from its alhes, when perihed, God is

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to form another; to make a new beaven and a new
earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, 2 Pet. 3. 13.
There 18 none of these things, which may not be
included in that general promise of the inheritance of

the world
2. A fpi · XXXII. The second good thing in this testa-
ritual ment is a spiritual KINGDOM; I appoint unto you
kingdom. a kingdom, LUKE 22. 29. To which, even the

most despicable of the children of God in other
respects, even man-sérvants and maid-servants, are
called: hath not God chosen the poor of this world, rich
in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he hath promised
to them that love him? Jam. 2. 5. To this belong
(1) the excellency of the Sons of God, whereby they
surpass all other men, Prov. 12. 26. (2). Victory
over sin, and the unruly lusts of the flesh, to which
kings themselves and the most dreaded tyrants are
subject and enlaved, Rom. 6. 14, 18. (3). The
bruising of Satan under their feet, Rom. 16. 20: (4)
Triumph over a whole conquered world, for, not-
withstanding its rage, they shall be for ever saved, 1
John 5. 4. 5 (5). Inestimable riches of fpiritual
gifts, Pf. 45. 9, even in the midst of poverty, Rev.
2. 9. (6). Holy peace of foul and joy in the Holy
Ghost, Rom. 14. 17.

All these begin here in
grace, and shall be consummated hereafter in

XXXIII. The third benefit is God himself, Rom. himfelf. 8. 17. Heirs of God: here is a mutual inheritance;

believers are God's portion, and God is their portion,
for these are made reciprocal, Jer. 10. 16, the portion
of Jacob is the former of all things, and Israel is the
rod (tribe) of his inheritance. In this poffefsion of
God, his children find, (1). Protection against every
evil, Pf. 95. 2, I will say of the Lord, be is my refuge
and my fortress. Why? He is my God, in whom I
will trust, See P.S. 27. 1. 2; Isa. 43. 2, 3. - (2).
Communication of every good, Pf. 36. 7. For,


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3. God

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