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A Face like my face that receives thee; a LOVE AMONG THE RUINS Man like to me,

310 Thou shalt love and be loved by, for ever; Where the quiet-colored end of evening a Hand like this hand

smiles Shall throw open the gates of new life to Miles and miles thee! See the Christ stand!”

On the solitary pastures where our sheep


Tinkle homeward through the twilight, I know not too well how I found my way stray or stop

5 home in the night.

As they crop There were witnesses, cohorts about me, Was the site once of a city great and gay left and to right,

(So they say), Angels, powers, the unuttered, unseen, the Of our country's very capital, its prince the aware:


Ages since I repressed, I got through them as hardly, Held his court in, gathered councils,

I as strugglingly there,

wielding far As a runner beset by the populace fam- Peace or war.

ished for newsLife or death. The whole earth was awakened, hell loosed with her crews;

Now,--the country does not even boast a And the stars of night beat with emotion,

tree, and tingled and shot

As you see, Out in fire the strong pain of pent knowl

To distinguish slopes of verdure, certain

15 edge: but I fainted not,


From the hills For the Hand still impelled me at once and

Intersect and give a name to (else they supported, suppressed All the tumult, and quenched it with quiet,

Into one), and holy behest,

Where the domed and daring palace shot Till the rapture was shut in itself, and the

its spires earth sank to rest. Anon at the dawn, all that trouble had

Up like fires withered from earth

O’er the hundred-gated circuit of a wall

Bounding all, Not so much, but I saw it die out in the day's tender birth;

Made of marble, men might march on nor 325

be pressed, In the gathered intensity brought to the

Twelve abreast. gray of the hills; In the shuddering forests' held breath; in the sudden wind-thrills;

And such plenty and perfection, see, of In the startled wild beasts that bore off, grass

25 each with eye sidling still,

Never was! Though averted with wonder and dread; Such a carpet as, this summer-time, in the birds stiff and chill

o'erspreads That rose heavily as I approached them, And embeds made stupid with awe:

330 Every vestige of the city, guessed alone, E'en the serpent that slid away silent, - Stock or stone

30 he felt the new law.

Where a multitude of men breathed joy The same stared in the white humid faces upturned by the flowers;

Long ago; The same worked in the heart of the cedar

Lust of glory pricked their hearts up, and moved the vine-bowers:

dread of shame And the little brooks witnessing mur- ... Struck them tame; mured, persistent and low,

And that glory and that shame alike, the With their obstinate, all but hushed voices gold

35 —“E'en so, it is so!”

335 Bought and sold.


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and woe

In such peace,

Melt away

Now,--the single little turret that remains In one year they sent a million fighters On the plains,

forth By the caper overrooted, by the gourd South and North, Overscored,

40 And they built their gods a brazen pillar While the patching houseleek's head of high

75 blossom winks

As the sky, Through the chinks

Yet reserved a thousand chariots in full Marks the basement whence a tower in force ancient time

Gold, of course. Sprang sublime,

Oh heart! oh blood that freezes, blood And a burning ring, all round, the chariots that burns! traced

Earth's returns

80 As they raced,

For whole centuries of folly, noise and And the monarch and his minions and his sin! dames

Shut them in, Viewed the games.

With their triumphs and their glories and

: the rest! And I know—while thus the quiet- Love is best.

colored eve Smiles to leave

50 To their folding, all our many tinkling


Ah, did you once see Shelley plain, And the slopes and rills in undistinguished

And did he stop and speak to you, gray

And did you speak to him again?

How strange it seems and new!
That a girl with eager eyes and yellow

But you were living before that,

5 Waits me there

And also you are living after; In the turret whence the charioteers

And the memory I started atcaught soul

My starting moves your laughter! For the goal, When the king looked, where she looks

I crossed a moor, with a name of its own now, breathless, dumb

And a certain use in the world ng Till I come.



Yet a hand's-breadth of it shines alone But he looked upon the city, every side,

'Mid the blank miles round about: Far and wide, All the mountains topped with temples, For there I picked up on the heather all the glades'

And there I put inside my breast Colonnades,

A moulted feather, an eagle-feather! 15 All the causeys,' bridges, aqueducts,-and

Well, I forget the rest. then,

65 All the men! When I do come, she will speak not, she will stand,


FERRARA On my shoulder, give her eyes the first embrace

That's my last Duchess painted on the Of my face,


wall Ere we rush, ere we extinguish sight and Looking as if she were alive. I call speech

That piece a wonder, now: Frà Pandolf's Each on each.

hands I causeways.

Worked busily a day, and there she stands.


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Will 't please you sit and look at her? I Quite clear to such an one, and say, “Just said

this “Frà Pandoif” by design, for never read Or that in you disgusts me; here you miss, Strangers like you that pictured coun- Or there exceed the mark”-and if she let tenance,

Herself be lessoned so, nor plainly set 40 The depth and passion of its earnest Her wits to yours, forsooth, and made exglance,

cuse, But to myself they turned (since none -E'en then would be some stooping; and puts by

I choose The curtain I have drawn for you, but I) 10 Never to stoop. Oh, sir, she smiled, no And seemed as they would ask me, if doubt. they durst,

Whene'er I passed her; but who passed How such a glance came there; so, not

without the first

Much the same smile? This grew; I gave Are you to turn and ask thus. Sir, 'twas commands;

45 not

Then all smiles stopped together. There Her husband's presence only, called that she stands spot

As if alive. Will 't please you rise? We'll Of joy into the Duchess' cheek: perhaps 15 meet Frå Pandolf chanced to say, “Her mantle The company below then. I repeat, laps

The Count your master's known munifiOver my lady's wrist too much,” or “Paint Must never hope to reproduce the faint Is ample warrant that no just pretence 50 Half-flush that dies along her throat:" | Of mine for dowry will be disallowed; such stuff

Though his fair daughter's self, as I Was courtesy, she thought, and cause avowed enough

At starting, is my object. Nay, we'll go For calling up that spot of joy. She had Together down, sir.

, Notice Neptune, A heart-how shall I say?-too soon made though, glad,

Taming a sea-horse, thought a rarity, Too easily impressed; she liked whate'er Which Claus of Innsbruck cast in bronze She looked on, and her looks went every- for me!

Sir, 'twas all one! My favor at her breast,
The dropping of the daylight in the

The bough of cherries some officious fool

He sings
Broke in the orchard for her, the white I send my heart up to thee, all my heart

mule She rode with round the terrace-all

In this my singing. and each

For the stars help me, and the sea bears Would draw from her alike the approving

part; speech,

The very night is clinging Or blush, at least. She thanked men,

Closer to Venice' streets to leave one space

5 good! but thanked

Above me, whence thy face Somehow-I know not how-as if she

May light my joyous heart to thee its ranked My gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name

dwelling place. With anybody's gift. Who'd stoop to

She speaks blame This sort of trifling? Even had you

Even had you Say after me, and try to say skill

35 My very words, as if each word In speech-(which I have not)--to make Came from you of your own accord,

In your own voice, in your own way:




your will

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all the same,



“This woman's heart and soul and brain | The bee's kiss, now!
Are mine as much as this gold chain Kiss me as if you entered gay
She bids me wear; which" (say again) My heart at some noonday,
"I choose to make by cherishing


A bud that dares not disallow A precious thing, or choose to fling The claim, so all is rendered up,

60 Over the boat-side, ring by ring.' And passively its shattered cup And yet once more say . no word Over your head to sleep I bow.

more! Since words are only words. Give o'er!

He sings Unless call you

What are we two? me, Familiarly by my pet name,

I am a Jew, Which if the Three should hear you call, And carry thee, farther than friends can And me reply to, would proclaim



To a feast of our tribe;
At once our secret to them all.
Ask of me, too, command me, blame, - 25

Where they need thee to bribe

The devil that blasts them unless he imDo, break down the partition-wall

bibe 'Twixt us, the daylight world beholds Curtained in dusk and splendid folds!

Thy .. Scatter the vision forever! And What's left but-all of me to take? I am the Three's: prevent them, slake 30

As of old, I am I, thou art thou!

70 Your thirst! 'Tis said, the Arab sage, In practising with gems, can loose

Say again, what we are? Their subtle spirit in his cruce

The sprite of a star, And leave but ashes: so, sweet mage,

I lure thee above where the destinies bar Leave them my ashes when thy use

My plumes their full play
Till a ruddier ray

75 Sucks out my soul, thy heritage!

Than my pale one announce there is

withering away He sings

Some ... Scatter the vision forever! And
Past we glide, and past, and past!
What's that poor Agnese doing

As of old, I am I, thou art thou!
Where they make the shutters fast?
Gray Zanobi's just a-wooing


He muses
To his couch the purchased bride:
Past we glide!

Oh, which were best, to roam or rest?

The land's lap or the water's breast? 80 Past we glide, and past, and past!

To sleep on yellow millet-sheaves,

Or swim in lucid shallows just
Why's the Pucci Palace flaring
Like a beacon to the blast?

Eluding water-lily leaves,

45 Guests by hundreds, not one caring

An inch from Death's black fingers, If the dear host's neck were wried:

thrust Past we glide!

To lock you, whom release he must; 85

Which life were best on summer eves?
She sings

He speaks, musing
The moth's kiss, first!
Kiss me as if you made believe

Lie back; could thought of mine improve

50 You were not sure, this

you? eve, How my face, your flower, had pursed

From this shoulder let there spring

A wing; from this, another wing;
Its petals up; so, here and there
You brush it, till I grow aware

Wings, not legs and feet, shall move you! Who wants me, and wide ope I burst.

Snow-white must they spring, to blend 91 55

With your flesh, but I intend
They shall deepen to the end,


I crucible.

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Broa der, into burning gold,

Of the staidness and reserve, Till both wings crescent-wise enfold 95

And formal lines without a curve, Your perfect self, from 'neath your feet In the same child's playing-face? To o'er your head, where, lo, they meet No two windows look one way

135 As if a million sword-blades hurled

O’er the small sea-water thread Defiance from you to the world!

Below them. Ah, the autumn day

I, passing, saw you overhead! Rescue me thou, the only real!

First, out a cloud of curtain blew, And scare away this mad ideal

Then a sweet cry, and last came you— 140 That came, nor motions to depart! To catch your lory? that must needs Thanks! Now, stay ever as thou art! Escape just then, of all times then,

To peck a tall plant's fleecy seeds,
Still he muses

And make me happiest of men.
What if the Three should catch at last

I scarce could breathe to see you reach 145

So far back o'er the balcony
Thy serenader? While there's cast 105
Paul's cloak about my head, and fast

To catch him ere he climbed too high Gian pinions me, Himself has passed

Above you in the Smyrna peach, His stylet? through my back; I reel;

That quick the round smooth cord of And ... is it thou I feel?


This coiled hair on your head, unrolled, 150 They traii me, these three godless knaves,

Fell down you like a gorgeous snake Past every church that saints and saves,

The Roman girls were wont, of old, Nor stop till, where the cold sea raves

When Rome there was, for coolness' sake By Lido's wet accursèd graves,

To let lie curling o'er their bosoms. They scoop mine, roll me to its brink,

Dear lory, may his beak retain

155 And ... on thy breast I sink!

Ever its delicate rose stain

As if the wounded lotus-blossoms
She replies, musing

Had marked their thief to know again! Dip your arm o'er the boat-side, elbow- Stay longer yet, for others' sake deep,

Than mine! What should your chamber do? As I do: thus: were death so unlike sleep, -With all its rarities that ache 16r Caught this way? Death's to fear from In silence while day lasts, but wake flame or steel,

At night-time and their life renew, Or poison doubtless; but from water- Suspended just to pleasure you 164 feel!

Who brought against their will together Go find the bottom! Would you stay me? | These objects, and, while day lasts, weave There!

Around them such a magic tether Now pluck a great blade of that ribbon- That dumb they look: your harp, believe, grass

With all the sensitive tight strings To plait in where the foolish jewel was, Which dare not speak, now to itself

170 I flung away: since you have praised my Breathes slumberously, as if some elf hair,

Went in and out the chords, his wings 'Tis proper to be choice in what I wear. Make murmur wheresoe'er they graze,

As an angel may, between the maze
He speaks
Of midnight palace-pillars, on

Row home? must we row home? Too surely And on, to sow God's plagues, have gone
Know I where its front's demurely 126 Through guilty glorious Babylon.
Over the Giudecca piled;

And while such murmurs flow, the Window just with window mating, Bends o'er the harp-top from her shell Door on door exactly waiting,

As the dry limpet for the lymph3 180 All's the set face of a child:

Come with a tune he knows so well.

130 But behind it, where's a trace

And how your statues' hearts must swell! parrot.

3 spring.

I 20


1 stiletto.

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