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NO. 37.

AN ACT to incorporate the Jefferson Instituta

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Section 1. Be it enacted by the Council and House of RepreIncorporating Hauss. sentatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, That there be and

hereby is granted, instituted and established a manual labor school, to be located at or near Azialan, on the west branch of Rock River in the town and county of Jefferson, and Jared F. Ostrander, James L. Thayer, Nathaniel F. Hyer, Thomas Brayton, Lyman E. Boomer, William R. Longstreet, David Brigham, Roberi Masters, Chester Bushnell, John Richards and John M. Brown and their successors, be and they are hereby declared a body corporate and politic for all the purposes, and subject to the

restrictions herein after contained, to be known by the name of Stylo of corpora

the "President and Trustees of the Jefferson Institute,” and by that name they and their successors, shall and may have perpetual succession, and shall be capable in law to plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, may have a common seal, and the same

alter at pleasure, and may have, take, possess, purchase or otherwise General powers.

receive, lands, tenements, hereditaments, goods, chattels or estate, the annual income of which shall not exceed five thousand dollars, and grant, demise, lease, use, manage or improve the same for the benefit of said institute, according to the tenor of the donation and their discretion. Provided, that the lands to be held in perpetuiry, by virtue of this act, shall not exceed six hundred and forty acres, Provided, however, inai if the grants or devises in lands shall from time to time be made to said Institute over and above the six hundred and forty acres aforesaid, the same may be received and held by said corporation for a period of five years from the date of such donation or devise, at the end or which time, if the said lands over and above six hundred and forty acres shall have not been sold, then the said lands so donated, granted or devised, shall revert to the donor, grantor or their heirs.

Sec. 2. The object of this corporation shall be the instruction Object of corpo

of young men in practical and scientific agriculture, and the promotion of the general interest of education.

Sec. 3. The number of Trustees shall not at any time exceed Number of trus

fifteen, a majority of whom shall have power to choose a President, and from time io time to regulate and prescribe the course of study, to fix the rate of tuition, room rent, and other expenses, to appoint and remove all instructors, officers and agents as may be required


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in managing the concerns of this institution, to define the duties and employments, fis their compensation, to fill all vacancies, to Tbelr powora rent all necessary buildings, to purchase books, chemical and philosophical apparatuses, to make rules for the management of the affairs of the institution, and generally to do all things necessary to put into operation a system of Manual Labor for the purpose of promoting the health of students, and lessening the expense of educating youth.

Sec. 4. The Trustees named in this act, shall meet at the Meeting of true dwelling house of. Thomas Brayton in Jefferson, on or before the first day of September next, for the purpose of electing a President, Festion for and such instructors, officers and agents, as they may think proper, dent and onicoro. at which time the vacancies now remaining in the board may be filled, but thereafter a majority of the board shall be requisite to constitute a quorum for filling vacancies or the transaction of any klied.

or the transaction of on Vacancies, how business which may come before them.

Sec. 5. The institute shall be open for the admission of all Institution open persons who may apply for its benefits, and no person shall be suspended or expelled on account of his religious opinions. Provided, however, that a majority of the board of trustees shall have power to suspend or expel any student who may refuse submission to the rules and regulations, if such rules and regulations what cando. are not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States or of this Territory. Sec. 6. The trustees shall faithfully apply all funds collected or

unds, how bereafter to be collected for said institute, according to their best applied.' judgment in erecting suitable buildings, in compensating the necessary instructors, officers and agents, in procuring books, chemical and philosophical apparatus necessary to promote the objects of the institution. Provided, that in case any donation shall be made for particular purposes, and the trustees shall accept the same, such donation, devise or bequest, shall be expressly applied in conformity with the condition of the donor, Provided, also, that the lands donated or devised as aforesaid, shall be sold as hereinbefore directed. Sec. 7. This act may be amended, altered or repealed at the po

aucu VI sepcalcu alwe Power reserved pleasure of the Legislature.

by the legialature Suc. 8. This act shall be in force from and after its pasdage.

Approved, March 1, 1839.


NO. 38.

AN ACT to incorporate the Platteville Academy in the county of Grant.




Section 1. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, That there be established in the town of Platteville in the county of Grant, a seminary of

learning for the instruction of young. persons, of either sex, in Style and powers

science and literature, by the name and style of the Platteville of the corpora. Academy, and that James Mitchell, Ebenezer M. Orew, John

Bevans, James Boyce, Henry Wood, A. B. T. Lacy, Bennet At-
wood, James R. Vineyard, Sylvester Gridley, David Kendall[and]
James Dudley, are hereby created a body politic and corporate,
by the name and style of the Trustees of the Platteville. Academy,
by which name, they and their successors shall forever be known
and declared, and shall have perpetual succession and power, to
acquire, purchase, receive, possess, hold, retain, and enjoy, in deed
and in law, to themselves and to their successors, property,

real personal, and mixed, and the same to sell, grant, lend, and convey, rent, or otherwise dispose of at pleasure, for purposes of education and no other. And they shall have power under said corporate name to contract and be contracted with. sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended in all courts and places, in all actions, suits, complaints and causes whatever, and they shall have a common seal and may alter the same at pleasure.

Sec. 2. The stock of said academy shall consist of shares

of twenty dollars each, which shall be deemed personal propShares transfer. erty, and shall be transferable on the books of said corporation

in such manner as may be directed by the board of trustees of
said academy, Provided, that the annual income of said corporation
shall never exceed the sum of five thousand dollars, and that
its funds, privileges and immunities shall be used exclusively for
purposes of education.

Sec. 3. The corporate concerns of said academy shall be sed by nina trus managed by the board of trustees consisting of nine members, a

majority of whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of

business. They shall be elected annually on the first Monday of How elocted.

September, by the stockholders of said academy, and shall hold
their offices for the term of one year, and until their successors,
are elected. The selection of Trustees shall be by ballot and
each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for every share by
him owned to the amount of ten shares, and then to one vote for
every five shares over and above that amount. Any stockholder


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may vote in person or by proxy. The said . board of trustees shall elect one of their number to be President of said board, and they shall have power to fill all vacancies in their own body. If any election shall not be made on the day fixed upon by this act, such election

may be held on any other day, Provided, that notice of the time and place of holding such election, signed by at least three of the stockholders, be first published for two successive weeks, in some newspaper printed in said county or an adjoining county.

Sec. 4. The trustees of said academy, besides the powers and privileges of a corporation shall have power,

Their powers. 1st. To elect by ballot, their President anaually. 2d. Upon death, removal out of this Territory or other vacancy

in the said office of president or trustee, to elect others in their places by a majority of the trustees present, at any regular

meeting of said board. 3d. To declare vacant the seat of any trustee who shall absent

himself for four successive meetings of said board. 4th. To take and hold by gift, grant or devise, any real or personal

property, the yearly income of which shall not exceed the

value of five thousand dollars. 5th. To sell, mortgage, let, or otherwise use and dispose of such

property in such manner as they shall deem most conducive

to the interests of said academy. 6th. To direct and prescribe the course of study and discipline to

be observed in said academy.
7th. To appoint a Treasurer who shall be required to give bond

to the said trustees in such sum as they may direct, clerk,
principal, tutor and such other officers of said academy as they
shall deem necessary, who shall hold their offices during the

pleasure of the trustees.
8th. To ascertain and fix the salaries of all the officers of the

academy, and to remove or suspend from office (any officer
employed under special contract) for incapacity, immoral
conduct or misbehavior in office, and to appoint another in

place of such person or officer so removed or suspended. 9th. To make all ordinances and by-laws necessary


proper to carry into effect the preceeding powers not inconsistent with the constitution of the United States and the laws of

this Territory. Sec. 5. No religious qualifications or test shall be required from No religious test

any trustee of said academy, as a condition for admission to any privilege in the same, and no principal of said academy who shall be a trustee shall have a vote in any case relating to his own salary

or emoluments. Powers reserved Sec. 6. This act may be amended or repealed at the pleasure of

of the Legislature.

Approved, March 1, 1839.

NO. 39.

AN ACT to provide for the payment of certain expenses of the Legislativo

Assembly of the Territory. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Repro sentatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, That there shall be paid out of any money appropriated by Congress for defraying the expenses of the Legislative Assembly,

To Ebenezer Childs, for articles purchased for accommodation of the Legislative Assembly, per bills rendered, one thousand and ffty-seven dollars and ninety-nine cents.

To William B. Long, for expenses incurred and per diem allowance, in going to Burlington, I. T. for the laws of the Territory, and to the foot of Desmoine rapids, for the stationary for ihe use of the Legislative Assembly, in accordance with a resolution appointing him an agent for that purpose, three hundred and nino dollars and sixty-two and a half cents.

To George Beatty, for preparing for publication, in pamphlet form, the Journal of the Council at the last session, one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

To John Catlin, for preparing for the press, the Journal of the House of Representatives of the last session, one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

To Charles C. Sholes, for printing Journals of the House of Representatives of the regular session of 1837–38, at Burlington, and Journals of the special session of the House of Representatives, held at Burlington, in June last, as per bill rendered, one thousand and éight hundred and ninety-four dollars.

To John Wentworth, for printing steam boat law of 1838, in the
Chicago Democrat, fifteen dollars.

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.
Approved, March 2, 1839.

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