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C. M.


i Faitu is an eye that views the Lord,

A hand that feels his grace;
The feet of faith pursue the road

That leads to endless bliss.
2 Faith is a grace that bears us up

When sinking in despair;
'Tis that which cherishes our hope,

And chases ev'ry fear. 3 Faith cuts its way through all the storms

That sin and Satan raise;
It humbles us as nothing worms

While we adore free grace. 4 Faith speaks with pleasantness of voice,

“Come quit this earthly shore, Ye mourning saints, ye shall rejoice

When time shall be no more."



Longing for Glory. 1 Lord, what a restless state

Is this that's here below; New troubles constantly create,

And make us daily woe!
2 How oft my heart misguides!
How oft


grows cold! How often unbelief presides,

And faith lets go its hold !


O when shall I remove

To yonder blest abode?
O when shall I, with perfect love,

Adore a perfect God?
4 When shall I reach that place,

And bow before that throne,
Where love omnipotent and grace

Triumphant reign alone? 5 I long to bear a part

In heav'n's seraphic lays;
I long to give my worthless heart

To thy eternal praise.
6 O that I had the wings,

The pinions of a dove;
How would I quit terrestrial things,

And soar to joys above!
7 There I'd rejoice and sing,

And ever cry aloud,
All praise and glory to my King,

Salvation to my God!


God present in the Assembly of his Saints.

[Tune, Gratitude. W

HERE two or three together meet,
My love and mercy to repeat,

And tell what I have done,
There will I be," saith God,“ to bless,
And ev'ry burden'd soul redress,

Who worships at my throne.”

2 Make one in this assembly, Lord;
Speak to each heart some healing word,

To set the spirit free;
Impart a kind celestial shower,
And grant that we may spend an hour

In fellowship with thee!
3 Tho' few in number, yet we claim
The promise made in Jesu's name;

It stands divinely free:
Thou art our Father and our friend,
Thy tender mercies can extend

To sinners such as we.
4 Guilt from the troubled soul remove;
Constrain the soul by love to love,

Release from slavish fear;
Then, tho’ in tents of sin we groan,
We'll sing like those around thy throne,

'Till thou shalt bring us there!


8. M.

The Saint's Fears groundless, and God'ɛ Love

1 Wor, drooping saint, dismay'd, ,

Doth sorrow press thee down?
Hath God refus'd to give thee aid,

Or does he seem to frown?
2 What groundless fears are these,

That make thee mourning go?
Here's precious blood, and promises,

And full salvation too.

3 In darkness or distress

His love's the same to thee;
Without declension more or less,

Immutable and free. 4

Should guilt disturb thy peace,

Or Satan harass thee,
Behold the Saviour's righteousness,

That sets the guilty free. 5 Tho' he afflict thy mind,

'Tis not that he'll destroy; Eternal Wisdom ne'er design'd

To give thee always joy. 6 Your days of trial, then,

Are all ordain'd by heav'n;
If He appoints their number ten,

You ne'er shall have eleven. any Beneath thy fainting head

Thy Father and thy friend
His everlasting arms hath laid,

To succour and defend. 3 O thou of little faith,

Thy pace is slow, yet sure;
Yet feeble faith, the promise saith,

Shall to the end endure.


i Now to grace as debtors, we,

Spar'd another year to see,
Mercies past would still review;
God hath help'd us hitherto!

2 When the slaves of sin we lay,

Thou in love didst us survey;
This we now recall to view,

God hath helped us hitherto! 3 In temptation's hottest day,

On the mount, or thro' the sea,
We have found thy promise true,

God hath help'd us hitherto! 4. In the depths of fear and sin

Thou hast Isr'el's refuge been;
Walls of flame, when foes pursue.

God has help'd me hitherto! 5 Oft by Zion's foes annoy'd,

Oft cast down but not destroy'd;
Still to grace the praise is due;

God hath help'd us hitherto! 6 Wake, my soul, thy God to praise ;

Raise thy Ebenezer, raise !
Write thereon, thy fears forego,

God hath help'd me hitherto!
7 When our sins deserv'd thy rod

Thee we found a peaceful God;
Lord, thy visits now renew,

Thou hast help'd us hitherto! 8 Toss'd with tempests we have been,

In the deep thy footsteps seen;
Sorrows, sins, temptations, through,

God hath help'd us hitherto! 9 God of love, forgive the sin!

We have long ungrateful been;
Now, thy name and love to praise,
Stones of help and songs we raise!

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