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From the County of Chesterfield,

Hon. G. W. DUVALL.

From the County of Colleton,

Hon. G. F. McINTYRE.

From the County of Darlington,


From the County of Edgefield,

Hon. F. ARNIM.

From the County of Fairfield,

Hon. G. W. BARBER.

From the County of Greenville,

Hon. J. M. ALLEN.

From the County of Horry,


From the County of Kershaw,


From the County of Laurens,

Hon. Y. J. P. OWENS.

From the County of Lexington,

Hon. E. S. J. HAYES.

From the County of Marion,

Hon. H. E. HAYNE.

From the County of Marlboro,


From the County of Newberry,


From the County of Oconee,

Hon. D. 'BIEMAN.
From the County of Orangeburg, ,


From the County of Pickens,


From the County of Richland,

Hon. W. B. NASH.

From the County of Sumter,


From the County of Union,

Hon. H. W. DUNCAN.

From the County of Williamsburg,

Hon. S. A. SWAILS.

From the County of York.

Hon. W. E. ROSE.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore announced that he had issued writs of election to fill the vacancies occasioned by the resignation of Hon. J. J. Wright, of Beaufort County, and the decease of Hon. Henry Buck, of Horry County

The following recently elected Senators then appeared at the President's desk, presented their credentials, the oaths were administered by the PRESIDENT pro tempore, and they took their seats :

Anderson-Hon. JOHN WILSON.
Beaufort-Hon. ROBERT SMALLS.
Chesterfield-Hon. G. W. DUVALL.
Darlington-Hon. B. F. WHITTEMORE.
Horry-Hon. J. S. BORROUGHS.
Marlboro-Hon. H. J. MAXWELL.
Pickens-Hon. W. E. HOLCOMBE.

Richland-Hon. W. B. NASH. Sumter-Hon. W. E. JOHNSTON. Union-Hon. H. W. DUNCAN. Williamsburg-Hon. S. A. SWAILS. A quorum being present, the PRESIDENT addressed the Senate as follows:


It is with unfeigned pleasure that I welcome you here. To one-half of us it is a re-union--a resumption of our important duties as Senators of the Commonwealth. To the new, as well as the old Senators, I extend a most cordial greeting. We meet, after a most bitter and acrimonious campaign, in which the feelings of our constituents and fellow-citizens have been wrought up to the highest pitch, and the State shaken to its foundations, but the storm subsides, the clouds disperse, and the sun of peace again illumes the sky. The passions evoked by the exciting questions of the hour have disappeared, and we meet to discharge the important trusts conferred upon us. Let us be generous and forgiving to our opponents, and apply ourselves, without passion or prejudice, earnestly, honestly and fearlessly, to the highest good of the State. It is my duty to say to you that my term of office, as President pro tempore, held during the past two years, now expires, and it is for you to name a successor. I thank you for your kindness and partiality to me in the past, and trust I have in some measure fulfilled your just expectations. With the election of a President pro tempore, I shall retire from the Chair, and, as your presiding officer, bid you farewell.

Mr. HAYES introduced the following Resolution :

Resolvedl, That the Rules of the last Session be adopted as the Rules of this body.

Mr. ARNIM moved that the Rules be suspended, and the Resolution considered immediately.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore ruled that the Senate being a continuous body, the Rules of the Senate of the last General Assembly are in force until modified or repealed by the Senate.

The Resolution of the Senator from Lexington was withdrawn.

On motion of Mr. NASH, the Senate proceeded to the election of a President pro tempore, to serve in the absence of the Lieutenant-Gover


Mr. NASH nominated Hon. Charles W. Montgomery, Senator from •Newberry.

The election having been conducted viva voce, pursuant to the Rules of the Senate, and the provisions of the Constitution, the following vote was given :

Those who voted for Hon. Charles W. Montgomery are:

Messrs. James M. Allen, F. Arnim, G. W. Barber, Henry Cardozo, D. T. Corbin, H. W. Duncan, Joseph A. Greene, E. S. J. Hayes, Henry E. Hayne, W. E. Johnston, C. P. Leslie, H. J. Maxwell, W. B. Nash, Y. J. P. Owens, W. E. Rose, Robert Smalls, S. A. Swails, B: F. Whittemore, Lucius Wimbush—19.

The PRESIDENT declared Hon. Charles W. Montgomery duly elected President pro tempore of the Senate.

On motion of Mr. NASH,

The PRESIDENT appointed & Committee of two, to wait upon the President elect and conduct him to the Chair.

Messrs. Nash and Leslie were appointed said Committee.
The Committee having performed the duty,

The PRESIDENT elect addressed the Senate as follows:

On assuming the Chair to which I have been called as President pro tempore, through your kindness and partiality, permit me to say that any language at my command would but imperfectly convey my deep sense of the obligation I am under for this renewed manifestation of your good will and personal regard. To be again chosen to occupy this Chair is an honor not to be lightly esteemed; more especially is this so when, on looking around this Chamber, I see many Senators so much better qualified than I am, and who would bring to the discharge of its duties a larger acquaintance with the rules, practice and usages that govern and obtain in legislative proceedings. In the discharge of the various delicate and responsible duties pertaining to the Chair of this Senate, I shall be happy indeed if I do not disappoint your just expectations, raised too high, perhaps, from the fact of my having hitherto had the honor to preside in your deliberations. But, Senators, I would be reluctant to enter on the performance of these duties did I not have the assurance that I will have your generous aid and support in the enforcement of the rules, the preservation of order, and the maintenance of the dignity and decorum of this body. A presiding officer has no more unpleasant and difficult task to perform than in determining, at times, what is and what is not order. This being the case, I shall not hesitate, on a question raised of a supposed breach of orderly procedure, to seek to be relieved of even the appearance of unfairness and partiality by a resort, in the first instance, to the sense of the Senate, and trust that you

will always unhesitatingly exercise that ready corrective you bold in hands-an appeal from the decision of the Chair-whenever, in your. judgment, my rulings are not sustained by authority.

hold in your

Senators, in looking around this Chamber, many of the old, familiar faces are not to be met, but in the places where we were accustomed to look for them we meet those of the stranger. Shall they be longer strangers in the place where their new sphere of usefulness has promisingly opened? I trust not; that uniform courtesy and urbanity of intercourse, so marked a feature in the former sessions of this Senate, will soon cause to spring up between us feelings of mutual regard and friendship.

With these very brief remarks, and relying on the source of all wisdom, enlightenment and knowledge to aid and direct us in the business we have before us, so that our legislation may prove a blessing and not a curse, and solemnly enjoining you to see to it that this honored old Commonwealth receive no detriment at your hands, I again return you acknowledgments, and am ready to proceed to business.

On motion of Mr. LESLIE, the Senate proceeded to the election of Clerk of the Senate.

Mr. HAYNE nominated Mr. Josephus Woodruff.
Those who voted for Mr. Woodruff are :

Mesrss. James M. Allen, F. Arnim, G. W. Barber, D. Bieman, J. S. Borroughs, Henry Cardozo, D. T. Corbin, H. W. Duncan, G. W. Duvall, Joseph A. Greene, E. S. J. Hayes, H. E. Hayne, W. E. Holcombe, W. E. Johnston, H. J. Maxwell, C. W. Montgomery, W. B. Nash. Y. J. P. Owens, W. E. Rose, Robert Smalls, S. {A. Swails, B. F. Whittemore, John Wilson and Lucius Wimbush.---24.

The PRESIDENT declared Mr. Josephus Woodruff, having received a majority of all the votes given, duly elected Clerk of the Senate.

On motion of Mr. HAYNE, the Clerk of the Senate was authorized to appoint an Assistant Clerk.

The Senate then proceeded to vote for Reading Clerk.
Mr SWAILS nominated Mr. Robert A. Sisson.
Mr. SMALLS noninated Mr. Davis.
Those who voted for Mr. Sisson are:

Messrs. Allen, Barber, Bieman, Burroughs, Corbin, Duncan, Duvall, Greene, Hayes, Holcombe, Leslie, Montgomery, Nash, Owens, Rose, Swails, Whittemore and Wilson.-18.

Those who voted for Mr. Davis are:
Messrs. Cardozo, Johnston, Smalls and Wimbushi.-t.

The PRESIDENT declared Mr. Robert A. Sisson, having received a majority of all the votes given, duly elected Reading Clerk of the Senate.

Mr. LESLIE moved that the election of Chaplain be indefinitely post- · poned.

The question was taken on agreeing to the motion of the Senator from Barnwell, and decided in the negative.

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