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ob serve ob serv'er ga'zer grad'u al con sult' fence a chieve' crim'i nal vilo late re fus'al por'tion

Every wise observer knows,

Every watchful gazer sees,
Nothing grand or beautiful grows

Save by gradual, slow degrees."
“ Consult with the old, and fence
with the young."

" Labor well directed will achieve all things."

The criminal violates the law.

“The refusal of praise often indicates a desire for a double portion.”

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Ced'e re [ces'sus] (cede, ceed) = to go, to yield.

pre cede'

“ Certain signs of the times precede ex ceed' certain kinds of events.” — Cicero.

“ The world's charity does not err on ex cess'

the side of excess. Matthew Arnold. ex cess'ive “ Excessive laughter proceeding from pro ceed'ing a slight cause is folly.”. - Cervantes. proc'e88

“ The thoughts of man are widened suc cess'or

with the process of the suns."— Tennyson. se cede

The South seceded from the Union. re cede'

The waves advance and recede. an'ces tor “The hope of my ancestors endures."

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“ The rising sun dissolves the frost.”

“ The large cities absorb the wealth and fashion." - Irving.

My friend is a musician, and plays the guitar and mandolin.

The old adage, “A fool and his money are soon parted,” has been proven many times over.

“ Take time by the forelock.”

They ne'er can be wise
Who good counsel despise.”


coun'sel de spise

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Most words ending in silent e retain e, when adding a suffix that begins with a consonant.

hope'ful care'ful tune'ful dole'ful



hire'ling cause'way blithe'ly limestone

24 mon'ster « Vice is a monster of so frightful fright'ful

mien, mien

As, to be hated, needs but to be fa milliar

seen ; pit'y

Yet seen too oft, familiar with her em brace'

face, en dure'

We first endure, then pity, then con verse

embrace.” Pope. Messrs. The wealthy Misses Fielding are conMis'ses versing with Messrs. Johnson and Hart, pro nounce their business agents. dis tinct'ly

Pronounce your words distinctly.

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Flos, flor'is = flower. Brev'is (bref) = short.

Flu'e re

= to flow.


The Easter floral display was very florist

beautiful. florid

“Onward, friend, to that florid isle." flourish “As a flower of the field, so he flourflu'id isheth.” – Psalm 103. flu'ent " It is only the fluent metal that runs flu'en cy easily into novel shapes. brief

The candidate displayed great fluab bre' vi ate ency as a speaker.

“ Brevity is the soul of wit.” — Shakespeare.

brev'i ty


ex pe'ri ence “To most men, experience is like the stern

stern lights of a ship, which illume il lume only the track behind.” com'merce

“Commerce defies every wind, outde fies' rides every tempest, and invades every out ride'

zone." Bancroft. tem'pest

“A light heart makes nimble hands, in vade' and keeps the mind free and alert."

“ His very will seems to be in bonds shackle and shackles." --South.

a lert!

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