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"These charms were continually acknowledged, and extolled, by the gross and illiterate monarch, who could admire the beauty of her form, and delight in her personal advantages, but who was wholly incapable of appreciating her love of letters, which he discouraged, or her generosity, which he opposed, while forcing her to bear the odium of his avarice.

"The extreme devotion of the Queen to her consort has been by some ascribed to ambition,-to the love of ascendancy; others, more amiable, have ventured to couple it with affection. If we may give entire credit to the religious sentiments of Caroline, we may set it down as the effect of a strong sense of duty; and, indeed, it is scarcely possible that any less cogent motive could have actuated a woman, during the course of an union of thirty years, to an incessant sacrifice of self-will, to the most differential respect, the most entire acquiescence, than a conviction that such sacrifices were required by her nuptial bonds. 'Her children,' she declared, were not as a grain of sand to her, compared with him;' and she marked these extreme notions of duty on her death-bed."

The opera in those days, as at the present time, seems to have engaged the attention of royalty. Then, as now, the cabals of the musical world were apt to move the whole orb of fashion.

"The following letter," says Mrs. Thompson, " contains a curious illustration of the times, in its reference to the commotion which occurred at the Italian Opera, when the Princess Amelia happened to be present. The object of public disapprobation was Signora Cuzzoni; but that favourite singer having a powerful body of friends in the house, a struggle took place between the two parties, which caused the greater part of the performance to be in 'inexplicable dumb show.' This letter affords a curious instance of the participation of the most illustrious personages of the realm in the cabals of the Italian Opera, which had not then been introduced more than half a century into England.



"I hope you will forgive the trouble I am going to give you, having always found you on every occasion most obliging. What I have to desire is, that if you find a convenient opportunity, I wish you would be so good as to tell her Royal Highness, that every one who wishes well to Cuzzoni is in the utmost concern for what happened last Tuesday at the Opera, in the Princess Amelia's presence; but to show their innocence of the disrespect which was shown to her Highness, I beg you will do them the justice to say, that the Cuzzoni had been publicly told, to complete her disgrace, she was to be hissed off the stage on Tuesday; she was in such concern at this, that she had a great mind not to sing, but I, without knowing anything that the Princess Amelia would honour the Opera with her presence, positively ordered her not to quit the stage, but let them do what they would: though not heard, to sing on, and not to go off till it was proper; and she owns now that if she had not had that order she would have quitted the stage when they cat-called her to such a degree in one song, that she was not heard one note, which provoked the people that like her so much, that they were not able to get the better of their resentment, but would not suffer the Faustina to speak afterwards. I hope her Royal Highness would not disapprove of any one preventing the Cuzzoni's being hissed off the stage; but I am in great concern they did not suffer anything to have happened to her, rather than to have failed in the high respect every one ought to pay to a Princess of her Royal Highness's family; but as they were not the aggressors, I hope that may in some measure excuse them.

"Another thing I beg you would say is, that I, having happened to say that the Directors would have a message from the King, and that her Royal Highness had told me that his Majesty had said to her, that if they dismissed Cuzzoni they should not have the honour of his presence, or what he was pleased to allow them some of the Directors have thought fit to say that they neither should have a

message from the King, and that he did not say what her Royal Highness did me the honour to tell me he did. I most humbly ask her Royal Highness's pardon for desiring the Duke of Rutland (who is one of the chief amongst them for Cuzzoni) to do himself the honour to speak of it to her Royal Highness, and hear what she would be so gracious to tell him. They have had also a message from the King, in a letter from Mr. Fabrice, which they have the insolence to dispute, except the Duke of Rutland, Lord Albemarle, and Sir Thomas Pendergrass. Lady Walsingham having desired me to let her know how this affair went, I have written to her this morning, and, at the Duke of Rutland's desire, have sent an account of what was done at the Board, for her to give his Majesty.

As I have interested myself for this poor woman, so I will not leave anything undone that may justify her; and if you will have the goodness to state this affair to her Royal Highness, whom I hope will still continue her most gracious protection to her, I shall be most extremely obliged to you, that am,

Dear Madam,

With the most sincere friendship,

Your most affectionate

humble servant,


These memoirs of Lady Sundon contain indeed a perfect fund of historical




Adams, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Herbert Geo. Adams,
of a dau. 29th May.
Alexander, Mrs. Robert, of a dau. at Carlton House
Terrace, 11th June.

Allen, Mrs. wife of George Baugh Allen, Esq. of a son, 9th June.

Anderson, Mrs. Major, of a son, at Clifton, 27th May.

Arkwright, Mrs. wife of Alfred Arkwright, Esq. of a dau. at Worksworth, co. Derby, 6th June. Bacon, Mrs. wife of the Rev. John Bacon, of a son, at Lambourne, Woodlands, Berks, 31st May. Baggallay, Mrs. John, of a son, at Tavistock Square, 11th June.

Baillie, Hon. Mrs. Henry, of a dau. 1st June. Barlow, Mrs. W. H. of a son, at Derby, 29th May. Barton, Mrs. Daniel, of a son, at Edinburgh, 29th May.

Bell, Mrs. Sydney Smith, of a son, at Regent's Park Terrace, 28th May.

Bennett, Mrs. Wm. Sterndale, of a son, 11th June. Benthall, Mrs. John, of a dau. at Furzwell House, Torquay, 26th May.

Berkeley, Mrs. Comyns Rowland, of a son, 30th May.

Bevir, Mrs. E. J., of a son, at Woburn Square, 2nd

Biggs, Mrs, wife of John Biggs, Esq. H. M. 8th
Regt. of a dau. at Poona, 21st April.
Braithwaite, Mrs. Robt. of a dau. at Kendal, 6th

Bright, Mrs. wife of James Bright, Esq. M. D. of a dau. 27th May.

Browell, Mrs. wife of the Rev. James Browell, M. A. of a dau. 16th June.

Brown, Mrs. wife of R. Brown, Esq. M.D. of a dau. at Kevernalls, near Lymington, 28th May. Bryant, Mrs. George, at Park-street, Islington, of a son, 1st June.

Buckle, Mrs.widow of Capt. Edmund Buckle, Bengal Art. of a son, 3rd June.

Calland, Mrs. John Forbes, of a dau. at Paris, 28th

Charteris, Lady Anne, of a son, 2nd June.
Charters, Mrs. Major, of a dau. at Padua, 18th

Clarke, Mrs. W. Gray, of a dau. at Tours, 10th

Cliff, Mrs. William, of a dau. at Brompton, 16th June.

Cosser, Mrs.wife of the Rev. W. M. Cosser, of a son, at Tichfield. 30th May.

Crosse, Mrs. Edward Wilson, of a dau. at Torrington Square, 2nd June.

Du Buisson, Mrs. James, of Wandsworth, of a dau. 1st June.

Ellis, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Robt. Stephenson
Ellis, M. A. of a dau. at Copenhagan, 30th May.
Esdaile, Mrs. Clement, of a dau. 29th May.
Farmer, Mrs. W. F. G. of a son, at Nonsuch Park,
Surrey, 26th May.

Fennell, Mrs. Edwin, of a dau. at Wimbledon, 25th

Frost, Mrs. wife of Andrew Hollingworth Frost, Esq. M. A. of a son, 8th June.

Giberne, Mrs. George, of a dau. at Epsom, 7th June. Gipps, Mrs. H. P. of a son, at Montague Place, 4th June.

Goddard. Mrs. George H. of a dau, at John-street, 4th June.

Godden, Mrs. of Watford, Herts, of a dau. 21st May.

Godley, Mrs. John Robert, of a son, at Portman Square, 17th June.

Graham, Mrs. Wm. of a dau. at Castle Milk, co. Lanark, 6th June.

Granet, Mrs. Captain, of a son, 26th May. Gruner, Mrs. Lewis, of a dau. at Fitzroy Square, 31st May.

Heathcote, Mrs. Francis, of a dau. 29th May. Herring, Mrs. wife of the Rev. W. Harvey Herring, of a son. 5th June.

Inchbald, Mrs. Robert, of a dau. at West Wickham, Kent, 12th June.

Jackson, Mrs. J. D. of a son, at Saffron Waldron, 5th June.

Jackson, Mrs. wife of the Rev. John Jackson, Rector of St. James', of a dau. 29th May. Kerry, Countess of, of a dau. 27th May. Kinglake, Mrs. Ssrjeant, of a dau. at Eaton Square, 15th June.

Kinlock, Mrs. wife of J, J. Kinlock, of Kair, of a dau. 3rd June.

Laurie, Mrs. John, of a son. at Hyde Park-plece, 31st May.

Lyttleton, Lady, of a son, 12th June.

Mac Leod, wifs of Capt. Norman Mac Leod, Bengal Engineers, of a dau. at South Crescent, Bedford-square.

Majoribanks, Mrs. Edward, jun. of a son, 13th June.

Marston, Mrs. Thomas, of a son, at Ampthill Square, 2nd June.

Mariin, Mrs. Wm. of Hyde Park Square, of a son, 29th May.

Masterman, Mrs. Henry, of a son, 26th May. Oakes, Mrs. Col. R. M. of a son, at Dineham Lodge, Norfolk, 6th June.

Crosthwaite, Mrs. wife of the Rev. J. C. Crosth-Oliver, Mrs. wife of J. R. Oliver, Esq. M.D. of a waite, of a dau. 3rd June.

De la Motte, Mrs. wife of Edward De la Motte, of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, of a dau. 31st May.

Douglas, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Alexander Douglas, of a son, at Harley-street, 12th June. Downe, the Viscountess, of a son, 15th June. Drew, Mrs. wife of the Rev. G. S. Drew, Incum bent of old St. Pancras, of a son, 13th June.

son, at Kennington, 10th June,

Peake, Mrs. Robert William, of Lleweny House,
New Finchley Road, of a dau, 28th May.
Pelly, Mrs. Albert, of a son, at Walthamstow,
29th May.

Phillips, Mrs. Robert, of a dau. at Gloucester Villa,
Regent's Park, 10th June.

Place, Mrs. F. W. of a dau. at Delhi, East Indies, 19th April.

son, 10th June.

Rawlinson, Mrs. wife of the Rev. George Rawlin- Taylor. Mrs. James, of Mechlenburgh Square, of a son, of a dau. at Merton, 7th June. Rind, Mrs. wife of Malcolm M'Neill Rind. Esq. Ben. Med. Est. of a son, at Lucknow,28th March. Rivers, Lady, of a dau. 24th May. Robertson, Mrs. of a son, at Albermarle-street, 28th May.

Rowland, Mrs. wife of Capt. J. H. Rowland, J. N, of a dau. 2nd June.

Royle, Mrs. wife of Dr. Royle, Professor King's College, of a son, 8th June.

Salmond, Mrs. James, of a son, at Waterfoot, Cumberland, 16th June.

Saunders, Mrs. John, of a son, at Southend, 2nd


Sharpe, Mrs. John, of a dau. at Waltham Cross, 10th June.

Sheppard, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Wm. Sheppard, of a dau. at Florena Court, co. Ferman 28th May. Skinner, Mrs. wife of Allan Maclain Skinner, Esq. Barister-at-Law, of a dau. at Brighton, 7th June. Soares, Mrs. M. J. of a dau. at Fitzroy-Squre, 3rd


Spicer, Mrs. John W. Gooch, of a dau. at Cothmore, 26th May.

Stillwell, Mrs. Arthur, of a son, at Hillingdon,

6th June.

Sutherland, Mrs. Alexander John, of a son, 5th


Taylor, Mrs. Wilbraham, of a son, 27th May.
Teake, Mrs. Robt. William, of Llewy House, New
Finchley Road, of a dau. 28th May.

Tickell. Mrs. Major-Gen. of a dau. 24th May.
Titcomb, Mrs. wife of the Rev. J. T. Titcomb, of
a dau. at Cambridge, 10th June.

Todd, Mrs. Joseph, of a dau. at Mousley Park,
Surrey, 2nd June.

Tuffnell, Mrs. E. Carleton, of a son, 13th June.
Turner, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Sydney Turner, of a

dau. 1st June.

[blocks in formation]

West, Mrs. William Thornton, of a dau. at Clap-
ham Park, 27th May.

Willoughby, Mrs. Charles, of a son, at Wollaton
Rectory, 13th June.

Winkworth, Mrs. Stephen, of a dau. at Purbrook
Lodge, Hants, 25th May.

Winter, Mrs. wife of Charles Winter, Esq. late Capt.
66th Regiment, of a dau. 15th June.

Swindell, Mrs. J. G. of a dau, at Kilburn Priory, Wood, Lady Mary, of a dau. 27th May. 4th June.

Woodhouse, Mrs. Henry R. of a son, 16th June.


Aspinall, Henry Kelsall, youngest son of the late John Aspinall, Esq., of Birkenhead, to Margaret, only daughter of John Haselden, Esq., of Rock Ferry, 8th June.

Athill, the Rev. William, of Brandistone-hall, county of Norfolk, and Sub-Dean of the Collegiate Church of Middleham, in Yorkshire, to Caroline Amelia Halsted, only daughter of the late Captain John Halsted, R.N., 8th June.

Baird, Charles J. Esq., late of Shotts, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of John Haliday, Esq., of St. Petersburgh, 11th May.

Banks, William, Esq., of London, to Miss Margaret Banks, of Snelston, 15th June. Blackeney, John, Esq., of Bedford-row, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Henry Lamb, Esq. of Hawley, Kent, 10th June.

Blackburn, Robert B., Esq., son of the late John Blackburn, Esq., of Killearn, in the county of Stirling, to Francis Georgina, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Edward Dewing, rector of Rainham, in Norfolk, 10th June.

Bladon. Edward, Esq., of Warwick-square, Kensington, to Louisa, eldest daughter of Charles Whiting, Esq., of Grove-road, Brixton, 10th June.

Bliss, Frederick, Esq., of Pensile-house, Gloucestershire, youngest son of the late Thomas Bliss, Esq., of Herne-hill, Surrey, to Caroline, third daughter of the late Samuel Charles Turner, Esq., of Child Okeford, in the county of Dorset, 10th June.

Bloxam, Robert William, Esq., of Ryde, to Henrietta Louisa, only child of the late Henry Lock, Esq., of the Hon. E.I.C.S, and granddaughter of the late Vice Admiral Lock, of Haylands, Isle of Wight, 10th June.

Bonnor, the Rev. R. M., vicar of Ruabon, Den

bighshire, to Ellen, daughter of the late John Wood, Esq., of Worthing, 8th June. Boyrenson, Thomas Adolphus, Esq., M.D., of the Hon. Company's Bombay Army, to Augusta Marianne, only daughter of the late Francis Swinfen, Esq., of Lapley, Stafford, 5th June. Bright, John, Esq., of Rochdale, M.P., to Margaret Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late William Leatham, Esq., banker, Wakefield, 10th June.

Broughton, Robert John Porcher, Esq., M.A., eldest son of Robert Edwards Broughton, Esq., of Melcombe-place, to Louisa Diana, eldest daughter of Charles Heaton Ellis, Esq., of Harley-street and Wyddial-hall, Herts, 3rd June. Browne, Henry J., Esq., of Wilmington square, London, surgeon, (late of Hampton, in the county of Worcester), to Elizabeth, younger daughter of the late James Coucher, Esq., of Alfrick, in the same county, 25th May.

Burgess, Arthur James, eldest son of John Hartley Burgess, Esq., of St. Heliers, Jersey, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late John Slade, Esq., of Devizes, Wilts, 5th June.

Burrell, Walter Wyndham, youngest son of Sir Charles Merrick Burrell, of Knepp Castle, in the county of Sussex, to Dorothea, youngest dau. of the Rev. John Jones, vicar of Burley-on-the-Hill, Rutlandshire, 10th June.

Carrow, John Monson, Esq., eldest son of the late Rev. Richard Carrow, of Redland, Glocestershire, to Frances Gertrude, daughter of Edmund Broderip, Esq., of the Manor-house, Cossington, 26th May. Caulfeild, W. Montgomerie S., Esq., Lieut. of the 66th Regiment, son of Capt. James Caulfeild, R.N., to Dora Jane, daughter of Wm. French, of Clooniquine, county of Roscommon, and of Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin, Esq., 8th June.

Chambers, Joseph, Esq., of the Bengal Army, to
Maria, eldest daughter of the Rev. Sir John
Page Wood, Bart., 10th June.
Clifford, Charles, Esq., eldest son of George Clif
ford, Esq., of Wycliffe-hall, Yorkshire, to Mary
Ann, third daughter of John Hercy, Esq., of
Hawthorn hill, Berkshire, 13th Jan.
Cochrane, James, Esq., of her Majesty's 19th
Regiment, to Mary, daughter of Thomas Gibson
Brewer, Esq., of Elm-lodge, Pinner, Middlesex,
and Portland-place, Jersey, barrister-at-law, 10th
Collette, Henry, Esq., Capt. 67th Regiment, eldest
son of the Major-General J, H. Collette, to
Katherine, youngest daughter of the late Thos.
Sharp, Esq., Manchester, 25th May.
Colman, George A. Esq., youngest son of the
late W. Colman, Esq., of Shirley, to Frederica
Eleanor Lang, second surviving daughter of Dr.
Lang, of Bedford-square, and Newman-street,
9th June.

Cooke, the Rev. Wm., B.A., fourth son of Thos.
Cooke, Esq., of Goresfield, near Manchester, t
Fanny, second daughter of the late Rev. G. J.
Haggitt, of Bury St. Edmund's, 27th May.
Cope, Charles Rogers, Esq., of Harbourne, Staf
fordshire, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of the
late Edward Rickards, Esq., 16th June.
Cousin, the Rev. Wm., of the Presbyterian Church,
Chelsea, to Anne Ross, daughter of the late
David Ross Cundell, Esq., M.D., 15th June.
Crosley, Benjamin Charles, only son of he late
Benjamin Ashward Crosley, Esq., of Great
James-street, Bedford-row, to Mary Ann, third
daughter of John Mountfield, Esq., of Great
Coram-street, Russell-square, 15th June.
Curry, Capt. Douglas, R.N., son of Vice Admiral
Curry, C.B., to Elizabeth, second daughter of
Edward Castleman, Esq., of Allandale-house,
Wimborne, and of Chettle, Dorset, 10th June.
Daly, Owen, Esq., M.D. and B.A., second son of
the late E. Daly, Esq., of Mornington-hall,
Westmeath, Ireland, to Emma Maria, yonngest
daughter of the late Thomas Oldham, Esq., of
Saltfleetby St. Peter's.

Dundas, Frederick, Esq., M.P., son of the late

Hon. Charles Lawrence and Lady Caroline Dundas, to Grace, eldest daughter of Lady Grace and the late Sir Ralph Gore, Bart., 2nd June.

Eaton, the Rev. Walter, M.A., of Merton College, Oxford, to Isabella, youngest daughter of G. F. Iddins, Esq., of the Woodrow, Worcestershire, 14th June.

Edwards, James, Esq., M.D., to Eliza Ellen, dau. of the late Jonathan Smith, Esq., 8th June. Everett, Marven, youngest son of the late Wm. Marven Everett, Esq., Heytesbury, Wiltshire, to Maria, eldest daughter of Mill Pellatt, Esq., Plaistow, Essex, 15th June.

Fox, the Rev. R. Stote, youngest son of George Townsend Fox, Esq., of Durham, to Mrs. Robt. Day, eldest daughter of the late Rev. W. Bassett, of Nether-hall, in the county of Suffolk, 9th June.

Frere, A. E., Esq., Lieut. in her Majesty's 21th Regiment, to Miss Elizabeth Palmer, daughter of Quartermaster James Price, of the Lame regiment, 11th Jan.

Frost, Chas. Maynard, Esq., of Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, third son of the late Roht. Frost, Esq, of the Hon. E.I.C.S., to Emma. youngest daughter of the late James Adams, Esq., of Plaistow, Essex, 10th June.

Gale, Robert Leake, Esq., eldest son of Thomas Augustus Gale, Esq., of Queen-square, Bloomsbury, London, to Mary Ellen, eldest daughter of Win. Radcliff, Esq., of Amherst Island, 19th May.

Gayton, George, Esq., of Much Hadham, Herts, to

Sarah Anne, eldest surviving daughter of Thos. Samuel Mott, Esq., of the same place. May 29th. Gilstrap, Wm., eldest son of Joseph Gilstrap, Esq., of Newark-on-Trent, Notts, to Elizabeth,

youngest daughter of Thomas Haigh, Esq., of Colne Bridge-house, Huddersfield, 2nd June. Girsewald, Baron A., Aide-de-Camp to his Royal Highness the reigning Duke of Brunswick, to Annie Fector Munro, daughter of the late General Munro, Novar-lodge, Cheltenham, 1st June. Granville, the Rev. Court, to Lady Charlotte Murray, sister of the Duke of Atholl, 10th June. Grover, Charles Ehret, Esq., of Hemel Hamp. stead, Herts, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Wm. Stanley, Esq., of Maryland point, Essex, 1st June.

Hallett, Henry Hughes, Esq., of Staple-Inn, to
Bridget Ann, second daughter of Charles Wm.
Hallett, Esq., of Surbiton-lodge, Kingston, 15th

Harris, John Hull Walton, Esq., to Ann, relict of
the late Thomas Martin Cocksedge, Esq., of the
The Hills, Bury St. Edmund's, 12th June.
Henry, Wm. G. P., Esq., second son of Thomas
Henry, Esq., of Bush-hill, Middlesex,
Alice, second daughter of the late John Home
Scott, Esq., 8th June.


Hicks, Wm. John, Esq., son of the late Lieut.Col. Jon Hicks, Esq., to Katherine Forbes, eldest daughter of the late Major-General Hogg, Bombay Army, 10th June.

Hilton, the Rev. Henry Deanie, B.A., curate of St. Margarett's, and son of the Rev. John Hilton, M.A., of Star Court, Kent, to Anne Jane, elder daughter of the Rev. Jemson Davies, M.A., vicar of St. Nicholas, and confrater of Wigston's Hospital, Leicester, 3rd June.

Hutchings, Hubert, Esq., to Geraldine Laura, third daughter of Lady Elizabeth Baker, and sister of Sir Edward B. Baker, Bart., of Ranston, Dorset. 10th June.

Innes, Captain G., Royal Artillery, to Frances Caroline, widow of the late Hamilton Gyll, Esq., and daughter of Sir John Murray, of Stanhope, Bart., 3rd June.

Jarrett, Mr. Griffith, fourth son of J. Jarrett, Esq., Glasfryn-house, Trawsfynydd, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late T. Rowlands, Llwyngwern, Machynlleth, 26th May.

Kelgour, Wm., Esq., of Liverpool, son of the late Geo. Kilgour, Esq., of Woburn-place, London, and Balcairn, Aberdeenshire, to Janet Lindsay, dau. of the late Patrick Smith, Esq., of Glasgow, 16th June.

Kirk, Rupert, Esq., of the E.1.C.S., to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Robert Womersley, Esq., of Stratford-green, Essex, 1st June.

Landor, the Rev. Chas. W.. vicar of Wichenford, Worcestershire, to Caroline, youngest daughter of Wm. Stanton, Esq., of Longbridge-house, Warwickshire, 8th June.

Lane, Edward W., Esq., advocate, to Margaret Mary, youngest daughter of the late Sir Wm. Drysdale, of Pitteuchar.

Layard, Rev. C. Clement, vicar of Mayfield, Stat. fordshire, son of the Rev. B. V. Layard, of Uffington, Lincolnshire, to Sarah, eldest dau, of the late S. J. Somes, Esq., of Stratford-green, Essex, 3rd June.

Lendon, Rev. William Penry, of Monmouth, to
Eliza, eldest daughter of the Rev. E. Withers,
of Boguor, Sussex, 9th June.
Madden, Lewis P., Esq. M.D, son of the late

Lewis P. Madden, Esq. of Clifton, to Ellen. relict of Captain Sir Edward Astley, R.N., of Hay. selden, Kent, 14th June.

Maxwell, Lieut.-Colonel Sir William A., Bart., of Calderwood Castle, Lanarkshire, to Catherine Cameron, relict of the late Captain H. P. Gill, of the 50th or Queen's Own, and fifth daughter of the lite Walter Logan, Esq., Edinburgh, 15th


Meeson, John, Esq., third son of Thomas Meeson, Esq. of Stratford, co. Essex, to Anne Maria, fourth daughter of William Sewell, Esq. of Plaistow, in the same county, 1st June. Monypenny, R.T.G.Gybbon, Esq., eldest son of T. Gybbon Moneypenny, Esq. of Hole-house, Kent,

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