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The Senate assembled at 12 o'clock, M. The VICE PRESIDENT took the chair, and the following Senators appeared in their seats, viz: Mr. Rugg LEs, from Maine; Messrs. HUB B An D and PAGE, from New Hampshire; Messrs. PRENTiss and Swift, from Vermont; Mr. Davis, from Massachusetts; Messrs. Ksight and Ron BINs, from Rhode Island; Messrs. NILEs and Tomlix sox, from Connecticut; Mr. Wrrent, from New York; Messrs. South Ann and WALL, from New Jersey; Messrs. Buch ANAN and McKEAN, from Pennsylvania; Mr. BAY ARD, from Delaware; Mr. KENT, Yol. XIll,—1

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from Maryland; Mr. Rives, from Virginia; Mr. KING, from Georgia; Messrs. Ewing and MoRh1s, from Ohio; Messrs. CLAy and Chittexpex, from Kentucky; Messrs. GRUNDY and White, from Tennessee; Messrs. Hexpnicks and Tipto N, from Indiana; Messrs. Rob 1N son and Ewing, from Illinois; Messrs. KING and Moore, from Alabama; Mr. WALKER, from Mississippi; Messrs. BENToN and LINN, from Missouri. Mr. BENTON presented the credentials of Messrs. Fulton and Sevi ER, Senators elect from the new State of Arkansas. Messrs. Fultos and Sevi ER were qualified and took their seats. The following resolution was offered by Mr. BENTON, and adopted: Resolved, That the Senate proceed to ascertain the classes in which the Senators of the State of Arkansas shall be inserted, in conformity with the resolution of the 14th of May, 1789, and as the constitution requires. On motion of Mr. BENTON, it was then Ordered, That the Secretary put into the ballot box three papers, of equal size, numbered 1, 2, S. Each of the Senators from the State of Arkansas shall draw out one paper. Number 1, if drawn, shall entitle the mem. ber to be placed in the class of Senators whose term of service will expire the 3d day of March, 1837; number 2 in the class whose term will expire the 3d day of March, 1839; and number 3 in the class whose term will expire the 3d day of March, 1841. it was accordingly so determined, by lot, that Mr. Srvien’s term should expire in 1837, and Mr. Fulton's in 1841. On motion of Mr. GRUNDY, the Secretary of the Senate was directed to inform the 1souse of Representatives that a quorum of the Senate was present, and ready to proceed to business. On motion of Mr. GRUNDY, a committee was ordered to be appointed on the part of the Senate, on a joint committee of both Houses, to wait on the President of the United States, and inform him that a quorum of both houses of Congress are assembled, and ready to receive


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