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Whiting & Branston, Printers and Engravers, Beaufort House, Strand.




A Tale of Paraguay, review of, 231.
Adolphe, notice of, 280.
An Historical Essay on the state of Greece,

notice of, 546.
Ancelot's Marie de Brabant, notice of,

Annual Souvenir Books, 562.

Beuchot, M. 131.
Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 142, 290,

435, 583.
Bricks of the Modern Babylon, 69.
British Institution, No. II. 49–No. III.

comparison between ancient and modern

Paintings, 341.
Bruner, M., anecdotes of, 150.
Buchon's Froissart, notice of, 279.
Butleriana, No. I., 136No. II., the

Doctor and his Wife's Pin-money, 425.

Cabanis, sur les Rapports du Physique et

du Moral de l'Homme, 131.
Chit-chat of the Times of Charles II.,

Civilization, 207.
Classique Party, ignorance of, 413.
Complete Servant, review of the, 116.
Count d’Artois, anecdote of, 281.

Détenu, Journal of a, an eye-witness of the

5-state of Paris after the battle of
Brienne, 6–the inhabitants of Paris
invited to furnish the hospitals, 7-
slaughter-houses converted into hospi-
tals, ib.-miserable state of the Salpe-
triere, 8--arrival of General Alsufief in
Paris, 9-an extraordinary sitting of the
municipality of Paris, 11-Bernadotte,
ib.—the cannon of the engaged armies
heard at Paris, 19-the allies enter
Meaux, 14-alarm of the country be-
tween Meaux and Paris, ib.-disorder at
the palace of the Tuileries, 16-Bora-
parte's treasures removed, ib.-battle of
Montmartre, 24-tire opened on Paris,
26_armistice proposed, 29-capitula-
tion concluded, 34. No. II., Medal of
the Russians who were at the Moscow
campaign, 239-entry of the Allies into
Paris, 241-conduct of the Grand Duke
Constantine, 242-anecdotes of the mob
of Paris, 211–the Bourbons restored,
253. No. III., Devastation in Paris,
385—the Senate declare the forfeiture
of the Crown by Napoleon, 388—des-
cription of the Cossack camp, 389--
solemn thanksgiving offered by the
Allied Army, 39+ entry of Monsieur
Comte d'Artois into Paris, 398---visits
the opera, ib.-interview between the
Emperor of Russia and the Empress
Josephine, 400-death of the Empress
Josephine, 401—entrance of Louis
XVIII. into Paris, 402--peace pro-
claimed, 403. No. IV., Napoleon quits
Troyes, 485—addresses his troops, 487
-signs his abdication, 489--account of
the meditatcd attempt to assassinate
Napoleon by de Maubreuil, ib.--copies
of the clers given to De Maubreuil by
the ministers of the Allies, 491-state of
the French press during the reign of
Napoleon, 497--he taks leave of his

events in Paris during the first four
Inonths in 1814. No, I., 1-state of
Paris in January, 2-the Allied Army
cross the Rhine, 3-the officers of the
National Guard receive orders to attend
in the Salon des Maréchaux at the Palace
of the Tuileries, 4— Bonaparte addresses
them, ib.-order issued to remove the
English prisoners at Verdun to Blois,

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