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Page. “ Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up,

Cunningham. 259 # It is good to be here,'

Herbert Knowles. 260 Despondency corrected,

Wadsworth. 262 *An Evening Service,

Bowring. 263 The Folly of Atheism,

Darwin. 265 Sabbath Hymn,

Mrs. Barbauld. 267 Public Worship, .

Sir J. E. Smith. 268 Light from Religion,

Bowring. 269 Love to God,

E. T. 270 Sabbath Hymn,

Mrs. Barbauld. 271 Sabbath Days-Modernized from "Son-Dayes,” in

Vaughan's “Silex Scintillans,'' Bernard Barton. 271 The Spiritual Law-Deut. xxx. 11-14,

Id. 272 The Happiness of the Godly,

Id. 273 Morning Hymn, .

Milton. 274 The Cross of Christ,

J. Bowring. 276 "God is Love,”

Id. 277 Hymn—"It is I; be not afraid," Sir James E. Smith. 278 The Creator's Works,

Wallace. 279 Hymn, .

Thompson. 279 The Bible,

Cowper. 283 Love of God,

Caroline Fry. 284 To a Butterfly resting on a Skull, Anonymous. 285 A Thought on Death,

Mrs. Barbauld. 286 t{The Widow of Nain,

Furness. 287 #iThe Autumn Evening,

. Peabody. 288

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Page. A cloud lay cradled near the setting sun,

123 Ah! when did wisdom covet length of days,

166 Ah me! these youthful bearers, robed in white, 171 All I feel, and hear, and see,

27 A mother's love-how sweet the name,

44 And is there care in heaven? and is there love,

98 And Rachel lies in Ephrath's land,

203 A Parish Priest was of the pilgrim train,

178 As the good shepherd leads his sheep,

17 At the close of the day, when the hamlet is still, 137 Ay, there ye shine, and there have shone,

139Begin, my soul, the exalted lay!

141 Behold the western evening light,

288 Behold this ruin! 'Twas a skull,

58 Bereft of all, when hopeless care, Beyond, beyond that boundless sea,

229 Blessed be thy name for ever, .

88 Blessed state! and happy he,

273 Brighter than the rising day,

124 Bright be the skies that cover thee, .

236 Build'st thou on Wealth ?—its wings are ever spread, 241 But who shall see the glorious day,

139 Child of the dust, I heard thee mourn,

93 Come, Disappointment, come!

82 Creature of air and light,



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Few are thy days, and full of wo,
Forgive thy foes ;—nor that alone,
From early childhood, even, as hath been said,
From Greenland's icy mountains,
God is our refuge and defence,
God is good! each perfumed flower,
God is Love; his mercy brightens,
God moves in a mysterious way,
God of the earth's extended plains !
Go, take the wings of morn,
Grace does not steel the faithful heart,
Group after group are gathering, such as prest,
Heave! mighty ocean, heave!
Here, in a little cave,
He sung of God, the mighty source,
He who delights to trace, with serious thought,
How fair is the rose! what a beautiful flower,
How shall I know thee in the sphere which keeps,
How shall I praise thee, Lord of light?
How sweetly flow'd the Gospel's sound,
How sweet, upon this sacred day,
How sweet and solemn, all alone,
How wither'd, faded, seems the form,
“Humility,” said Lena, as she drew,
I am monarch of all I survey,
I dream'd :-I saw a rosy child,
If all our hopes and all our fears,
If human kindness meets return,
If I had Jubal's chorded shell,
If love, the noblest, purest, best,
If that high world, which lies beyond,
I had found out a sweet green spot,
I hear thee speak of a better land,
I love to muse, when none are nigh,
I love to see the falling leaf,
I love the organ's joyous swell,
In sleep's serene oblivion laid,
In the cross of Christ I glory, :
In trouble and in grief, o God,
I saw an aged man upon his bier,

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Page. 152 110 112

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66 169 52

I seek the mountain clett: alone,
Is there a time when moments flow,
Is there a lone and dreary hour,
It is not that my lot is low,
It is the one true Light,
It must be sweet in childhood to give back,
It thunders! sons of dust, in reverence bow!
I will not sing a mortal's praise,
King of the world! I worship thee, .
Knell of departed years, .
Leaves have their time to fall,
Let deepest silence all around,
Look on him—through his dungeon grate,
Lord, who art merciful as well as just,
Low in the dim and sultry west,
Methinks it is good to be here,
Mother, I am dying now,
My God, all nature owns thy sway,
My mother's voice! how often creep,
Nay, William, nay, not so; the changeful year,
No moon hung o'er the sleeping earth,
Now breathes the ruddy Morn around,
O, could the soul oppress'd with care,
O'er Kedron's stream, and Salem's height,
O fear not thou to die,
O God! whose thunder shakes the sky,
Oh mighty is the Lord of Hosts,
Oh! weep for those that wept by Babel's stream,
O, mingle with the widow's tears,
O most delightful hour by man,
O my soul, with all thy powers,
On yonder shore, on yonder shore,

-One adequate support, &c.,
O, the wrath of the Lord is a terrible thing!
O think that, while you're weeping here,
O thou whose lips can well repeat,
O Thou whom eye hath seen not—nor shall see,
0 Thou Great Being! what thou art,
0! would you be assured you love your God,

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Page. 268 57

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Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for thee,
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire,
Sad and slow was the wanderer's tread,
Sad, solitary Thought, who keep'st thy vigils, .
Salt of the earth! ye virtuous few,
Say not the law divine,
Shall man, to sordid views confined,
She said she was alone within the world,
Sleep, sleep to-day, tormenting cares,
Spirit of spirits! who, through every part,
Sweet bird, again that plaintive strain,
Sweet harp of Judah! shall thy sound,
Sweet is the scene when virtue dies,
Sweet Peace, where dost thou dwell? &c.
Swift the tempest strips the wood,
Take, holy earth, all that my soul holds dear, .
Ten years ago, ten years ago,
That setting sunthat setting sun !
The all-quickening light is rolling there,.
The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold,.
The autumnal winds had stripp'd the field,
The bird, let loose in eastern skies, .
The clouds! the clouds! they are beautiful,
The cold wind strips the yellow leaf,
The groves were God's first temples. Ere man

The heavens, O Lord, thy power proclaim,
The hour, the hour, the parting hour,
The insect, that, with puny wing,
The Lord my pasture shall prepare,
The Lord our God is full of might,
The melancholy days are come, the saddest, &c.
The morning flowers display their sweets,
The morning sun! the morning sun !
Then never tear shall fall,
There is a calm for those who weep,
There is a time to laugh,
There is an hour of peaceful rest,
There is a spot-a lovely spot,
There's something sweet in scenes of gloom,
There is a world we have not seen,

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