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No jockey shall ride in races on Newmarket Heath, or elsewbere wbere these Rules are in force, until he shall have obtained a licence from the Stewards of the Jockey Club, on application at the Registry Office, but oo rider will be required to take out a licence notil the last day of the week in which he shall have ridden a winner for the first time.

Every jockey sball on application for a licence furuish Messrs Weatherby with his full name and address. A list of the licensed jockeys shall be published annually in the Racing Calendar.

Any rider who shal! infringe these rules will be reported to the Stewards of the Jockey Club, who may suspend him from riding.

Any owner, or trainer, or both, who shall knowiugly employ an unlicensed jockey, shall be fined not less than 251. eacb.

55. No trainer shall engage any lad or other stable servant, without previously referring to his last employer in the United Kingdom, France, Austria, or Hungary, and receiving a satisfactory reply in writing.

Any trainer infringing this rule and continuing to employ such boy after notice has been served on him, shall not be allowed to train or run horses where these Rules are in force ; and any lad leaving his master before the terms of his engagement are complete sball be disqualified from riding in any race.

Any boy prevented from obtaining enıployment by this rule shall have the right of appeal to ihe Stewards of the Jockey Club.

Every jockey at the termination of iis apprenticeship is free to form engagements for himself, irrespective of any which may have been made for him during such apprenticeship.

Calculation of Time. 56. When the last day for doing anything in relation to a race falls on a Sunday, it may be done on the following Monday, unless the race to which such act relates is appointed for that day, in which case it must be done on tbe previous Saturday.

Recognised Meetings or Races. 57. Any meeting or race shall be deemed recognised which is held under the Rules and sanction of the established Jockey Club, or other Turf authority, of the country in which it is held or run; or (where no


Recognised meetings or races.

such authority exists) ander these rules; and no horse which has run in any unrecognised race, or at any unrecognised meeting, shall be allowed to run at any meeting ander these Rules.

New Rules. 58. No new Rule of Racing can be passed, nor can New Rules. any existing rule be rescinded or altered without being previously advertised three times in the “ Sheet Calendar," and notice given of the meeting of the Jockey Club at which it is to be proposed; and no new rule, or epeal or alteration of a rule, shall take effect ur til it has been confirmed at the meeting ensuing that at which it was passed, and until it has been twice published in the Sheet Calendar. Any owner of race-horses or persons affected by such new rule, rescission, or alteration, may, before it is made, petition the Jockey Club through the Secretary. All such petitions shall be laid before the meeting before the question is put.






[These are only applicable to races run at Newmarket. )



case death or

Respecting the Stewards. Mode of

The three Stewards of the Jockey Club shall be annual elec

continued in their office till the next annual financial tion,

meeting (which takes place in the Craven) when the senior Steward shall vacate after settling the accounts made up to the 31st of December preceding, and shall then name a member of the Jockey Club to succeed him, subject to the approbation of the Members of the Jockey Club then present, and at every subsequent financial meeting the senior Steward shall, in like

manner, retire and propose his successor. of 2. If any of the Stewards $hall die or resign, the

remaining Stewards may appoint a member of the Club resignation,

to succeed the deceased or declining Steward, but such nomination shall be notified to the Club at the first general meeting, and if the appointment meet their approval, the said member shall remain in office until

the expiration of his predecessor's time. Substitute 3. When only one Steward is present, and neither of

the absent Stewards shall have appointed a substitute, Stewards.

the member of the Jockey Club present who has last

served the office shall ex officio. TheStewarde 4. The three Stewards shall have the complete conhave power trol of the property and estates of the Club, with

appoint officers : power to mortgage, sell, let upon lease, or exchange,

if necessary, subject to the approval of the next General Meeting of the Club, and further, shall have the power of appointing all the public officers and the servants of the Club; the Keeper of the Matchbook to receive the stakes and collect the entrancemoney, and all other funds belonging to the Jockey Club; and the Stewards shall produce an account of the funds and disbursements of the Club at the annual financial meeting, and they shall be responsible to the Club for the correctness of the annual accounts, and for all the money collected as belonging to the Jockey Club.

for absent


5. The Stewards shall fix the hour of starting for to fix time of

starting: each race at or before nine o'clock in the evening preceding the day of running, and notice of the time of starting is to be fixed up in the Coffee-room immediately afterwards. 6. The Stewards have full power to make such regu



the Course lations as they may think proper in regard to the

and Exercise Course, Exercising-ground, Club Premises, and ground: Estates.

7. All disputes relating to racing at Newmarket shall to settle disbe determined by the three Stewaris; if only two putes

Newmarket: Stewards be present they shall fix upon a third person, being a member of the Club, in lieu of the absent Steward, but the Stewards, if they think fit, may call in any other members of the Jockey Club to their assistance, or may refer the case to a general meeting, if the importance or difficulty of the matter in dispute shall appear to them to require it. The witnesses examined shall be required to sign their evidence, and if either party desire to have a short-hand writer engaged to take down the evidence, the Stewards may (if they think proper) engage a writer at the expense of the person making the request.

8. If any dispute arising elsewhere shall be referred may decide to the Stewards of the Jockey Club, and they shall think fit to take it into consideration, the matter must from relate to horse-racing, and be sent by the Stewards of places: the Meeting where the matter in question occurred. 9. The Jockey Club and the Stewards thereof take not to decide

bettingcases; no cognizance of any disputes or clains with respect to bets, except in the case of an official report of default made to them by the Committee of the Subscription Rooms at Newmarket, or at Tattersall’s.

10. The Stewards have a discretionary power to may warn off warn any person off the Race-course at Newmarket, or any premises belonging to the Jockey Club, and in case of such notice being disregarded, to take legal proceedings against the offenders.

11. All meetings of the Club shall be called by the to call Meets Stewards at their discretion. Notice of Meetings at

ings of the Newmarket for the transaction of general business, and the days upon which they are to be held, must

given in the Sheet Calendar published during the previous week.

cases referred to them


the Course:


Meetings for the election of candidates for the
New Rooms and Coffee Room may be called by a
notice in writing, which must be put up in the Coffee
Room, the day preceding such meeting.

All meetings at Newmarket shall be held about an
hour after the last race of the day. Special meetings
for the election of Honorary Members of the New
Rooms, may be held, without notice, at any time
during a Newmarket week.

12. If a member of the Jockey Club shall impugn or object to any act or decision of the Stewards, he shall give notice of it in writing to the Keeper of the Match-book, who will immediately request the Stewards to fix an early day to assemble the members for the purpose of hearing the objection.

Upon the request of not less than twenty members given in writing to the Keeper of the Matchbook, the Stewards shall call a General Meeting of the Jockey Club in London, within twenty-eight days of

such requisition being presented. act at Epsom, 13. The Stewards of the Jockey Club are, ex officio, Ascot, and Goodwood.

Stewards of Epsom, Ascot, and Goodwood.

Respecting the Admission of New Members. to be by 14. The election of Members for the Jockey Club, Ballot.

New Rooms, and Coffee Room shall be by ballot.

Ballots may take place during any of the Newmarket Meetings, and must be held at a General Meeting of the Club. Nine Members at least shall ballot, and two black balls shall exclude; but for the New Rooms and Coffee Room, when eighteen Members vote, there must be three black balls to exclude.

The number of Members for the New Rooms is limited to 280, the Stewards having the power to pro

pose special names for election to exceed that number. Per the 15. For the Jockey Club, each candidate must be Jockey Club proposed and seconded by two Members of the Club.

Notice of his being a candidate must be given at a
meeting previous to that in which the ballot is to
take place, or in the Calendar published during the
week preceding the ballot. The name of the candi-
date, as well as the day of the meeting, must be
put up in the Coffee Room on the Monday preceding
the ballot. Members of the Jockey Club being abroad
for two or more whole years from the 1st of January,
shall not be liable for their subscription during their
absence. Honorary Members have not the power of
voting at meetings of the Club.

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