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THE first four volumes of this edition of Montgomery are a reprint, page for page, of the poems collected and revised by the Author himself in 1841. The fifth volume contains the "Original Hymns," also collected and revised by the author, in 1853, excepting that portion of the volume so styled, which was taken from the Collected Poems; and we have added, in an Appendix, a few pieces, of no particular value, culled from a considerable mass of ephemeral verse, which the overzealous biographers of the Poet have thought proper to insert in their portentous "Memoirs."



JAMES MONTGOMERY, one of the most popular of the sacred or religious poets of England, was born at Irvine in Ayrshire, on the 4th of November, 1771. His parents were Irish his father a preacher of the Society of United Moravian Brethren. James was designed for the same office, and in his sixth year was placed in the Moravian establishment at Fulneck, near Leeds, where he was as effectually excluded from the world and all its ways, as if he had been immured in a Dominican


A love of poetry was kindled in him by hearing one of his masters read aloud Blair's Grave. He refused to study for the ministry; and both his parents being then dead (they had died in Barbadoes, his father having been sent on a missionary enterprise to the West Indies), the Brethren at Fulneck put James apprentice to a grocer in Mirfield. He disliked the drudgery of the shop, wrote verses, and at length ran away, with three shillings and sixpence in his pocket.

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