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HAVE to thank Mr. Temperley for his help and

advice, for permitting me constantly to avail

myself of his immense store of historical research,

and for what is, if possible, the even more valuable assistance I have gained in the course of our many walks and conversations.

Miss Winifred Pierpoint Mitchell for her patience in hearing and criticizing practically everything I have written, and for help with the proofs.

Mr. Roy Truscott for the index.

Mr. John Lane for placing at my disposal his unique knowledge of early English art.

Mr. G. Lowes Dickinson, Mr. C. R. L. Fletcher, and Mr. G. M. Trevelyan for reading and criticizing my manuscript.

The Countess of Darnley for her criticism and for permission to quote from a letter of the late Mr. G. F. Watts.

Mr. C. K. Webster for lending me unpublished matter about Castlereagh.

Miss Helena Hadley, Mr. C. R. Fay, Mr. Harold Terry, Mr. W. Jesser Coope, and all of my friends who have, at various times, given me their help.

And most of all, my grandmother.

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The Sea-dogs-Trade routes-Hawkins-Drake-Frobisher-
Davis-Charge of piracy refuted-The dangers thicken-The
example of Holland-Elizabeth and Holland-Rampant in-
dividualism-Sir Philip Sidney-Drake-Grenville-Lyly-
Marlowe Cult of horrors - The Armada - Outburst of

patriotism-Anthony Marten-Triumph of literature-The
song-books-The three ladies of London-Peele-Epics of
Drayton, Daniel, and Wharton-The "Polyolbion"-Camden
and antiquarianism-Browne - Battle songs - Religion —
Popular ballads-The patriotic drama-Spenser's "Faerie
Queene"-His Tory philosophy-Richard Hooker-The
reign of law-The Social Compact-The Elizabethan ideal
at its best-Its insufficiency.
Pages 194-230

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Protestant sympathies-Holland-"The Interpreter "_" Tom
Tell Troath"--Coke-Bacon-His philosophy-Concep-

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