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. 73

Ferriss, Orange, a Representative from New | Fitch, Thomas, a Representative from Ne Freedmen's hospitals, bill (S. No. 200) relat-
.2 vada-Continued.

ing to.
petitions presented by..

204, 467

remarks on the bill for the reconstruction received from Senate, 398; read and dis-
bill introduced by-

of Mississippi.....


cussed, 509; passed, 510 ; enrolled, 562.
No. 320-to perpetuate testimony in the on the bill relating to the California and remarks by-
courts of the United States............ 335 Oregon railroad.....

Mr. Eldridge.

incidental remarks by ......
..694 | Fitzpatrick, Barnard, bill (H. R. No. 300) to Mr. Maynard.

remarks on organization of the House.... 18 remove legal and political disabilities from

Mr. Randall..

Ferry, Thomas W., a Representative from

James H. Turner, Francis McNally, and,

Mr. Scofield..

..509, 510

Mr. Shanks.....
of Arkansas-[By Mr. Rogers. ]

...509, 510
petitions presented by, 174, 195, 334, 451, 715
referred, 334.

yeas and nays on the

bills introduced by-
Five cents—see Coinage.

Freedom of transit, bill (H. R. No. 142) to
No. 90-making appropriations for certain Foreign Affairs, the Committee on ...... 76, 100

secure and protect the, and commerce
harbors in the State of Michigan ......73 instructions to...........

..174, 600

within the United States-[By Mr. Bing.
No. 91-to prevent the extermination of reports from

.....276, 652, 712

fur-bearing animals in Alaska..........73 | Foreign money, bill (H. R. No. 161) to alter

referred, 150.
resolutions submitted by-

the computation of, for Government pur-

Frontier, bill (H. R. No. 159) to provide for
amending Rule 29-[March 19, 1869), 163
poses-[By Mr. Wood.]

the better protection of the northern and
for a rule making it the duty of the Door referred, 193.

northwestern, and to facilitate commerce
keeper, ten minutes before the hour of || Fortifications, joint resolution (II. R. No. 12)

and diminish the expense of exchanges
meeting each day, to see that the floor is

between the States—{By Mr. Bennett.)
authorizing payment for work done on
cleared of all persons except those priv.

referred, 193.
military-[By Mr. Arnell.]
ileged to remain-[March 30, 1869), 384
referred, 72.

Fry, Thomas W., joint resolution (H. R. No.
proposing an amendment of the home.
stead laws-[March 31, 1869.]........396
Foster, Henry D., à Representative from

35) for the relief of, and others-[By Mr.

reports made by.........

Pennsylvania--see Contested Election.
..398, 714
resolution in relation to the election of, as

referred, 194.
remarks on an amendment of the rules,

the Representative of the twenty-first Funding, bill (H. R. No. 399) to provide for
163, 164
congressional district of Pennsylva-

the, of the Treasury notes and floating
on the river and harbor bill...... .........599

nia— [By Mr. Woodward, March 4,

debt, and for the refunding of the funded
Finkelnburg, Gustavus A., a Representative 1869.]

debt of the United States, and for other
from Missouri...........

read, 3, 13.

purposes---[By Mr. Winans. ]
petitions presented by....

126, 467
bills introduced by-
resolution referring the papers in the con-

referred, 506.
tested-election case of Covode vs., from

Fur-bearing animals, bill (S. No. 32) to pre-
No. 78—to regulate the appraisement and

the twenty-first district of Pennsylvania,

vent the extermination of, in Alaska.
inspection of imports in certain cases, 73

to the Committee of Elections--[By

received from the Senate, 60; referred, 80 ;
No. 79—to amend an act entitled "An act

Mr. Dawes, March 5, 1869.]

reported and recommitted, 587; motion
to provide for the sale of the arsenal
agreed to, 16.

to reconsider, 637; discussed, 697, 698;
grounds at St. Louis and Liberty, Mis-
resolution in regard to the prima facie right

motion to reconsider tabled, 699.

remarks by-
No. 366—to prevent vexatious land litiga-

to the seat from the twenty-first dis-

lir. Axtell...

tion, and to provide for the satisfaction
trict of Pennsylvania, case of Covode

Mr. Dixon .........587, 637, 697, 198, 699
of meritorious claims to land confirmed
vs.-[By Mr. Cessna, March 26, 1869.]

Mr. Finkelnburg.

by an act of the United States........451
reported, 309; read, 437; discussed, 438,

Mr. Sargent........
joint resolution introduced by
452; recommitted with instructions, 406.

.697, 698
No. 63-releasing the claim of the United
resolution recommitting the contested-elec-

bill (H. R. No. 91) to prevent the exterm;

ination of, in Alaska-[By Mr. Ferry.]
States against the city of St. Louis, 334

tion case of Covode vs., from the twenty.

referred, 73.
resolution submitted by-

first district of Pennsylvania, with in-
in regard to the protection of immigrants

structions to report upon the merits of

bill (H. R. No. 305) to prevent the exterm-
on the high seas-[March 24, 1869)...248
the case-[By Mr. Paine, April 2, 1869. ]

ination of, in Alaska, and to regulate

the fur-seal trade at the islands of St.
incidental remarks by......

read and discussed, 465; agreed to, 466.
......59, 713

George and St. Paul, in the territory
remarks on the joint resolution relating to

resolution adopting regulations for con.

Alaska-[By Mr. Sargent. ]
ducting the contested-election case of

referred, 335.
on the deficiency bill..


Covode vs., from the twenty-first dis.
on the bill to provide for taking the ninth

trict of Pennsylvania-[By Mr. Paine, Furniture, bill (H. R. No. 421) making avail-

able an appropriation heretofore made

April 5, 1869.]
on the river and harbor bill....

for, for the Presidential Mansion-[By
reported and agreed to, 510.

Mr. Dawes.]
on the bill to prevent the extermination Fox, John, a Representative from New York, 2

of fur-bearing animals..........
petition presented by

reported and passed, 712; passed Senate
incidental remarks by. ..... 248, 345

with amendment, 713; passed Senate
Fisher, John, a Representative from New
remarks on the organization of the House, 19

without amendment, 714 ; enrolled, 715.
Frauds, bill (H. R. No. 360) to encourage the

In Senate: received from House and passed
leave of absence granted to........... 174, 650

detection of, upon the Government, and

with amendment, 718 ; amendment recon-
Fiteh, Thomas, a Representative from Ne. to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury

sidered and rejected, 720; enrolled, 721.

to direct the commencement of actions

Far-seal trade, bill (H. R. No. 146) to protect
bills introduced by—

therefor-[By Mr. Davis.]

the, in Alaska, and for other pur-
No. 117—to establish a mail route be.
referred, 425.

poses-[By Mr. Johnson.]
tween Belmont and Silver Springs, Freedmen, joint resolution (H. R. No. 58) Fyffe, Commander Joseph P., bill (H. R. No.

referred, 164.

No. 118—to establish a mail route be.
instructing the Secretary of War to appro-

39) for the relief of, of the Navy-[By
tween Wadsworth and Ellsworth, Ne-
priate surplus, waste, and condemned

Mr. Lawrence.]
vada ......

property within the District of Columbia

referred, 71.
No. 119-to establish a mail route be-

for the purpose of establishing and main-
taining in the District of Columbia a labor

bill (H. R. No. 358) for the relief of, com.
tween Hamilton and Grant district, via

mander in the United States Navy-[By
Troy, Nevada......

school for, to become self-sustaining, and
.......... 75
in which will be taught the art of labor to

Mr. Scofield.]
No. 120-to extend the boundaries of the
State of Nevada........
the colored people--[By Mr. Shanks.]

reported and passed, 425; passed Senate,
.... 75
No. 121-to establish a uniform system
referred, 334.

650 ; enrolled, 652.

In Senate : received from House, 413;
of naturalization, and to regulate pro-
Freedmen's Affairs, the Committee on. ..76

referred, 439; reported, 574; passed,

ceedings under the same...

report from ......

624; enrolled, 630, 653.
No. 311--granting lands to the State of
Freedmen's Bureau, bill (S. No. 146) relating

Nevada to aid in the construction of a

to the.
railroad and telegraph line from the

received from Senate, 169; referred, 230; Gall, Captain John W., bill (H. R. No. 361)
Central Pacific railroad to the Colorado reported, 645.

for the relief of-[By Mr. Hay. ]
river ...
..........335 remarks by-

referred, 425.
No. 343—for holding terms of the district Mr. Dockery

.645 | Garfield, James A., a Representative from
court of the United States for the dis-

Mr. Garfield ........

trict of Nevada........

......... 396
Mr. Kelsey

645 petitions presented by ........ 262, 345
No. 344—to prevent delay and losses in Mr. Lawrence.

.645 bills introduced by-
the transmission of the mails.........896

Mr. Scofield.

...................................645 No. 43—to provide for the safety of the
incidental remarks by..........
Mr. Shanks......

...645 lives of passengers at sea...................72

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Ohio .........

............. 249

.82, 83


Garfield, James A., a Representative from Georgia, resolution referring the credentials | Griswold, John A., a Representative from New
of the Representatives.elect from, to the York...

bills introduced by

Committee of Elections-[By Mr. Farns Guardians, joint resolution (H. R. No. 26)
No. 124-to declare and fix the status of worth, March 5, 1869. ]

authorizing the Commissioner of Indian
the judge advocates of the Army..... 75 agreed to, 18.

Affairs to appoint, or trustees for minor
No. 256—to provide for taking the ninth bill (H. R. No. 259) to enforce the four Indian children who may be entitled
and subsequent censuses ......... 249

teenth amendment to the Constitution to pensions or bounty under existing
resolutions submitted by-

and the laws of the United States and laws—[By Mr. Clarke.]
to change the old Hall of Representa-

to restore the State of, to the republican referred, 74.
tives into committee-rooms—[March 29, government elected under its new con joint resolution (S. R. No. 34) authorizing

.... 336
stitution-[By Mr. Butler, of Massa-

the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to
instructing Committee on Banking and


appoint, or trustees for minor Indian
Currency to report for action Senate proposed and objected to, 278; reported, children who may be entitled to pensions
bill No. 43, to provide for redistribution 501; discussed, 591, 600, 603.

or bounties under the existing laws.
of the currency -[April 5, 1869)......506 Getz, J. Lawrence, a Representative from received from Senate, 438; read and dis.
directing the Doorkeeper to retain, dur: Pennsylvania....


cussed, 511; referred, 512; leave to
ing the recess of Congress, Samuel Gilgilan, Calvin W., a Representative from report asked, 694.
H. Decker, of Ohio, an armless sol. Pennsylvania....
dier-[April 9, 1869]....
... 715

Gillette, Mrs. Sarah, bill (H. R. No. 287)
report made by........

granting a pension to, widow of James Habeas corpus, bill (H. R. No. 80) to amend
incidental remarks by.........

... 78,
Gillette-[By Mr. Hoag. ]

an act entitled “ An act relating to, and
230, 319, 336, 408, 467, 506, 517, 562 referred, 334.

regulating judicial proceedings in certain
remarks on organization of the House......6, Glenn, Overall & Clark, bill (H. R. No. 198) cases,'' approved March 3, 1863, and an
11, 14, 19, 36 for the relief of Tinsley, Van Horn & Co.,

act to amend said act, approved March 11,
on the Pennsylvania contested election and J. N. Henderson & Co., of Louisiana,

1866–[By Mr. Boyd.]
Covode vs. Foster......

Missouri-[By Mr. Dyer.]

referred, 73.
463, 464, 465, 466
referred, 195.

Haight, Charles, a Representative from New
on the resolution for a joint committee on Gold, bill (H. R. No. 41) to regulate the


Indian Affairs....


method of converting, into currency-[By | Haldeman, Richard J., a Representative from
on the bill to fix the status of judge advo. Mr. Lawrence.]

Pennsylvania ......


75, 78
referred, 71.

remarks on the bill to provide for taking the
on the bill for the coinage of nickle.cop. bill (H. R. No. 155) to prohibit secret sales

ninth census........

per pieces....

or purchases of, or bonds on account of

Hale, Eugene, a Representative from Maine, 2
on the joint resolution concerning yacan. the United States, and for other pur-

bills introduced by-
cies in the adjutant general's depart poses-[By Mr. Kelsey.]

No. 316—to authorize the settlement of

referred, 193.

certain suspended accounts in the Treas-
on recalling the resolution of adjourn bill (H. R. No. 292) to regulate the method ury Department........ ...........335

........ 201, 202
of converting, into currency, and for

No. 317--to carry into effect two several
on the bill extending the time for revising other purposes-[By Mr. Judd.]

decrees of the district court of the Uni-
the statutes...

referred, 334.

ted States for the district of Louisiana
on the order of business, 224, 517,550, 562 bill (H. R. No. 350) to prohibit secret sales

in the cases of the British vessels Volant
on the bill to provide for taking the ninth or purchases of, or bonds on account

and Science........

.249, 345, 491,
of the United States—[By Mr. Davis. ]

No. 318—to carry into effect the decree
492, 550, 552, 553, 554, 555, 556
referred, 396.

of the district court of the United States
on the bill to repeal the civil tenure act,
Gold contracts, bill (H. R. No. 45) relating

for the district of Louisiana in the case
287, 310, 311, 315, 316, 317, 318
to-[By Mr. Schenck.]

of the British brig Dashing Wave and
on the bill to amend the tax act...382, 705
referred, 72.

on the bill authorizing the prepayment of
interest... .......
Golladay, J. S., a Representative from Ken.

Halsted, George B., bill (H. R. No. 84) for

the relief of—[By Mr. Asper.]

on bill relating to the currency, 408, 409
incidental remarks by

referred, 73.
on the resolution rescinding the orders to

. 253, 506
print certain papers...
Gordon, Jerry, bill (H. R. No. 329) granting

Hambleton, Samuel, a Representative from

Maryland .........

on the deficiency bill, 484,485,487,489,491

a pension to—[By Mr. Ingersoll.]

leave of absence granted to.....

on the resolution to drop from the rolls

referred, 335.
certain officers of the Army...........509
Government-see Reconstruction.

Hamill, Patrick, a Representative from Mary-

land .......
on the Indian appropriation bill...516, 648
Government property, bill (H. R. No. 280)

.........2, 10

(See Contested Election.)
on the river and harbor bill........... 599

authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury
on the bill for the reconstruction of Vir-

to sell, at Plymouth, North Carolina-[By

resolution referring the credentials of, of the
Mr. Cobb, of North Carolina.]

fourth district of Maryland, to the Com.
ginia, Mississippi, and Texas, 634, 636

mittee of Elections-[By Hr. Butler,
on the Louisiana contested election-Hunt

referred, 333.
vs. Sheldon....

of Massachusetts, March 4, 1869.]
Gove, Samuel F., a Representative.elect from
........642, 643

read and discussed, 5, 10.
on the bill in relation to the Freedmen's

Georgia-see Contested Election.

resolution for administering the oath to,
Green, Richard M., bill (H. R. No. 328) for

member-elect from the fourth district
on the joint resolution respecting the

the payment of, for the use of his patent
retirement of Major General Heintzel-
by the Government-[By Mr. Archer.]

of Maryland--[By Mr. Wood, March
referred, 335.

5, 1869.]
........ 709, 710
on the resolution relating to the Door-

agreed to, 10.
Greene, George W., a Representative from New

petition presented by........

keeper, Samuel H. Decker......... ..715

Garvey, William M., bill (H. R. No. 14) to

(See Contested Election.)

Hamilton, Charles M., a Representative from

confirm the title of, to a certain tract of
resolution extending the time for taking tes.

sworn in..
land-[By Mr. Lawrence.]

timony in the contested-election case of
referred, 71.

Van Wyck vs. –[By Mr. Kerr, March 9, | Harbor, bill (H. R. No. 86) providing for the

General of the Army, bill (H. R. No. 14) to

improvement of the Mississippi river,

between the mouth of the Illinois river
repeal the second section of the act of
referred, 39; reported and agreed to, 202.

and the mouth of the Maramec river, and
1867, which among other things provides
Gregg, John, resolution instructing the Com-

for the improvement of the, of the city of
that all orders relating to military opera,

mittee on Revolutionary Claims to inquire St. Louis-[By Mr. Wells.
tions made by the President shall be issued into and report upon the claim of the

referred, 73.
through the-[By Mr. Ward.]

heirs of, a revolntionary soldier-[By Mr.

bill (H. R. No. 100) granting lands to the
referred, 71.
Julian, April 1, 1869. ]

State of Wisconsin to aid in the con-
bill (H. R. No. 237) to abolish the office of agreed to, 425.

struction of a breakwater, and ship-
chief of staff to the-[By Mr. Logan.] Griffith, William A., bill (H. R. No. 144) for canal at the head of Sturgeon bay, in
reported and passed, 198; passed Senate, the relief of, for expenditures in fitting the county of Door, in said State, to
345; enrolled, 374.
up a national cemetery at Andersonville,

connect the waters of Green bay with
In Senate : received from the House and Georgia—[By Mr. Whittemore.]

Lake Michigan, in said State-[By Mr.
referred, 206; reported, 217; passed, referred, 164.

305; enrolled, 350.

Grisham, Captain George E., (bill H. R. No. referred, 74.
Geological surveys, resolution in relation 268) for the relief of, of Tennessee-[By bill (H. R. No. 323) making an appropri-
to-[By Mr. Jones, of Kentucky, April 5, Mr. Stokes. ]

ation for improvement of the, of Port

In Senate : received from the House, 293 ; Ontario, New York-[By Mr.Churchill.]
referred, 506.

referred, 305; referred anew, 346.

referred, 335.

her cargo....

inan ......

York .....





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Harbors, bill (H. R. No. 90) making appro Heintzelman, Brevet Major General S. P., || Holman, William S., a Representative from
priations for certain, in the State of joint resolution (S. R. No. 36) — Con Indiana

Michigan-[By Mr. Ferry.]


petition presented by......

referred, 73.
remarks by-

bills introduced by-
bill (H. R. No. 324) to make an appropri.

Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts ......... 710

No. 125—granting to the soldiers of the
ation for the improvement of the, of

Mr. Cake..........


twelfth and sixteenth regiments of one
Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha, in

Mr. Conger.....


year Indiana volunteers a bounty of
Wisconsin—[By Mr. Paine.]
Mr. Farnsworth.

fifty dollars..

709, 710
referred, 335.

Mr. Garfield...


No. 270—for relief of Henry B. Mears, 308
Harrison, William H., bill (H. R. No. 374)

Mr. Logan

No. 408—for the relief of Mrs. Susan A.
for the relief of-[By Mr. Scofield.]

709, 710
Mr. Shanks..

Shelby ...


709, 710
referred, 505.

Mr. Slocum ..............

reports made by..

.308, 644
Hatch, R. B., joint resolution (H. R. No. 62)

incidental remarks by......... 59, 75, 97, 101,
in relation to the settlement of the
Henderson, J. N., & Co., bill (H. R. No.

116, 124, 150, 336, 344, 384, 398, 406,
accounts of, late a quartermaster in the
198) for the relief of Tinsley, Van Horn

425, 505, 512, 652, 681, 704, 713, 715
volunteer service-[By Mr. Cullom.]

& Co., Glenn, Overall & Clark, and, of

remarks on the organization of the House, 10
referred, 334.

Louisiana, Missouri-[By Mr. Dyer.]

on the Louisiana election

Haughey, Thomas, joint resolution (H. R. No. referred, 195.

on the order of business...... ....101, 451
54) for the relief of-[By Mr. Washburn, Hesse, Minnie, bill (H. R. No. 397) granting on the contested-election case of Reid vs.
of Massachusetts.]
additional pension to, of Winchester, Illi Julian.........

...... 115
reported, 309.

nois-[By Mr. Burr.]

on the joint resolution to supply omissions
Hawkins, Isaac R., a Representative from referred, 506.

in the enrollment of certain acts, 116,
..2 Hicks, Emeline, bill (H. R. No. 57) granting

118, 124, 224
bill introduced by-

a pension to, of Tennessee-[By Mr. on an amendment of the rules..........164
No. 180—for the relief of Hiram Brilt, Butler, of Tennessee.]

on the Indian appropriation bill....... 173,
of Henderson county, Tennessee....194
referred, 72.

573, 596
remarks on the joint resolution relating to

on the bill for the relief of Henry B.,

Hill, John, a Representative from New Jer.


.... 308, 309
on the bill to amend the tax act......


petition presented by...
Hawley, John B., a Representative from Illi-

on the joint resolution authorizing a bridge
at Paducah


bill introduced by-

on the bill for the reconstruction of Mis-
petitions presented by.. .....
..174, 231 No. 257—to amend an act entitled “An

bills introduced by-

act to provide for an American line of

on the bill for the relief of Joseph P.
No. 194—making further appropriations

mail and immigrant passenger steam-

Fyffe ....

for the improvement of the Rock Island ships between New York and one or on the deficiency bill.........483, 485, 638
and Des Moines rapids, in the Missis more European ports,' approved July on the bill relating to Mexican claims, 508
sippi river.........

27, 1868......


on the bill to renew certain Alabama land
No. 195—to authorize the Secretary of joint resolution introduced by-


........587, 588
War to place at the disposal of the sol. No. 45—extending the provisions of an on the bill for the reconstruction of
dier's monument committee of Rock act approved July 27, 1868, establishing Georgia

Island county, State of Illinois, certain a line of American steamships between on the river and harbor bill....... .599
condemned ordnance.......


New York and Europe.... ..198 on the bill for the relief of Susan A.
Hay, John B., a Representative from Illinois, 2 incidental remarks by

.198, 606
Shelby ...

bills introduced by-

Hoag, Truman H., a Representative from on the bill relating to the Iowa Northern
No. 361—for the relief of Captain John Ohio.....


Central railroad.

W. Gall...........

petition presented by.....

...204 on the bill to establish a land district in
No. 362-granting a pension to William
bill introduced by-

Wyoming .....


on the joint resolution for the protection
No. 363—to confirm the title to certain
No. 287—granting a pension to Mrs. Sarah

of soldiers.....

lands in Illinois...

Gillette, widow of James Gillette... 334

on the bill in reference to the Little Rock
Haynie, George C., bill (H. R. No. 29) for the
leave of absence granted to......... 438

and Fort Smith railroad...........701, 702
relief of-[By Mr. Jones, of North Caro.
Hoar, George F., a Representative from Mas-

Home affairs, bill (H. R. No. 422) to create a

department of, to provide for the enforce.
referred, 71.
petition presented by........ ..... 607

ment of civil law in the Indian country,
Heaton, David, a Representative from North
remarks on the bill for the relief of Blanton

the consolidation, civilization, govern-



ment, and citizenship of the Indians—[By
bills introduced by-

on the bill extending the time for revising Mr. Julian.]
No. 31—to amend the eighth section of an

the statutes......

.... 221

referred, 711.
act entitled An act to provide increased

on the joint resolution relating to steam-

Homestead act, bill (H. R. No. 59) to extend
revenue from imports, to pay interest


279, 280

the provisions of the, to the orphan chil.
on the public debt"


on the bill to repeal the civil tenure act, dren of deceased soldiers who are under the
No. 32-to repeal an act entitled "An act

316, 402, 405

age of twenty one years-[By Mr. Julian.]
to restrict the jurisdiction of the Court
on the bill to provide for taking the ninth

referred, 72; printed, 84.
of Claims, and to provide for the payment

...553, 555

Homestead laws, bill (H. R. No. 114) to extend
of certain demands for quartermaster's
on the bill for the reconstruction of Geor-

the preëmption and, of the United States
and subsistence supplies furnished to the gia........

....... 605

over certain lands-[By Mr. Clarke.]
Army of the United States," approved | Hockaday, Elizabeth, bill (H. R. No. 55) referred, 74.
July 4, 1864, and to extend the statute granting a pension to, of Tennessee-[Bý resolution proposing an amendment of
of limitations in certain cases..........71 Mr. Butler, of Tennessee.]

the-[By Mr. Ferry, March 31, 1869.]
No. — to allow the State of Tennessee referred, 72.

agreed to, 396.
an additional Representative in Con- | Hoe, Richard M., bill (H. R. No. 337) to Homesteads, bill (H. R. No. 61) to amend the

....590 extend the term of the letters-patent issued act entitled "An act to secure, to actual
resolution submitted by-

to-[By Mr. Jenckes.]

settlers on the public domain," approved
that John B. Rodgers will be entitled to a
reported, 375.

May 20, 1862, and the acts amendatory
seat in this House from Tennessee as
Hoge, Solomon L., a Representative from

thereof, approved March 21, 1864, and
soon as Congress enacts a law in rela-

South Carolina....


June 21, 1866–[By Mr. Julian.]
tion thereto-[April 7, 1869)...589, 590
report made by.........
(See Contested Election.)

referred, 72; printed, 84.

bill (H. R. No. 192) to aid in the construc-
incidental remarks by............ .281

resolution extending time in the South
remarks on the Tennessee election........585

Carolina contested-election case of, vs.

tion of the International Pacific railroad

from Cairo, Illinois, to the Rio Grande,
on the joint resolution to amend the reve-

Reid-[By Mr. Kerr, March 24, 1869.]

to authorize the consolidation of certain
nue act...
.711 referred, 248.

railroad companies, and to provide, for
Heintzelman, Brevet Major General S. P., resolution that, is prima facie entitled to a the laborers on those roads-[By Mr.

joint resolution (S. R. No. 36) respecting seat as Representative from the third Logan.]
the retirement of.

district of South Carolina, subject to referred, 194; printed, 281.
received from Senate, 646; discussed, 708;

the future action of the House as to the bill (H. R. No. 303) amendatory of an act
passed, 710; enrolled, 714.

merits of the case—[By Mr. Cessna, entitled “An act to secure, to actual
remarks by-

April 2, 1869.]

settlers on the public domain''-[By
Mr. Banks.......

...... 710 reported, 452; discussed, 631, 632; agreed Mr. Pomeroy.]
Mr. Bingham.....

709, 710
to, 633.

referred, 335.

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Homestead settlers, bill (H. R. No. 113) for Hotchkiss, Giles W., a Representative from Indian affairs-Continued.
the relief of certain preëmption and, along New York ....

joint resolution (II. R. No. 27) in relation
the original route of the Union Pacific rail. remarks on the bill to repeal the civil tenure to-[By Mr. Taffe.]
way, eastern division-[By Mr. Clarke.]



referred, 75.
referred, 74.

on the Pennsylvania contested election | Indian children, joint resolution (H. R. No:
Hooper, Samuel, a Representative from Mas.

Covode vs. Foster..... ........460, 461

26) authorizing the Commissioner of
........2 on the bill in reference to the Little Rock

Indian Affairs to appoint guardians or
bills introduced by-

and Fort Smith railroad....... ..703

trustees for minor, who may be entitled
No. 28—to amend an act imposing taxes Hot Springs reservation, bill (H. R. No. 69) for

to pensions or bounty under the existing
on distilled spirits and tobacco......... 71 sale of the, in Arkansas- [By Mr. Julian.]

laws-[By Mr. Clarke.]
No. 140-to amend an act imposing a tax referred, 73 ; printed, 84.
on distilled spirits and tobacco....... 143

referred, 74.
Hours of labor, joint resolution (H. R. No.72)
No. 234—for the relief of John Potts, 196

joint resolution (S. R. No. 34) authorizing

regulating the, of Government laborers,
joint resolution introduced by-

the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to
workmen, and mechanics—[By Mr. Ste-
No. 71—to authorize the transfer of the

appoint guardians or trustees for minor,
revenue-cutter S. P. Chase from the

who may be entitled to pensions or
referred, 506; reported and passed, 637.
lakes to the sea-board..

bounties under the existing laws.
In Senate: received from House, 620; read,
report made by......

653, 679.

received from Senate, 438; read and dis-
incidental remarks by......223, 230, 336, 631

cussed, 511; referred, 512; leave to
remarks on the bill to amend the tax act, 143, Howes, F., bill (H. R. No. 274) for the relief

report asked, 694.
of-[By Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts. ]
377, 378, 379, 380, 384

remarks by-
referred, 333.
on National Junction railroad bill, 250, 252

Mr. Brooks......

Hubbard, James 0. K., bill (H. R. No. 44)
Hooper, William H., a Delegate from Utah, 8

Mr. Clarke....

......511, 512
petitions presented by... ........ 195, 196 granting a pension to-[By Mr. Wilson,

Mr. Farnsworth....

bills introduced by-
of Ohio.]

Mr. Lawrence
No. 126-granting land to aid in the referred, 72.

.511, 512
reclamation of desert land in the Terri Hunt, Caleb S., a contestant from Louisi- | Indian department, bill (HI. R. No. 123) mak-
cory of Utah.......

ing appropriations for the current and
..........83 ana-see Contested Election.
No. 127—for the relief of the inhabitants Hutchings, J. M., bill (H. R. No. 184) to con-

contingent expenses of the, and for ful.

filling treaty stipulations with the various
of cities and towns in the Territories of firm to, and J. C. Lamon their preëmption

Indian tribes for the year ending the 30th
New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah ......83 claim to the Yosemite valley, in the State

of June, 1870–[By Mr. Dawes.]
No. 128-for the relief of the inhabitants of California—[By Mr. Julian.]
of Great Salt Lake City, in Utah...... 84 referred, 194.

referred, 78; reported, 116 ; discussed, 164,
No. 223—for the admission of Deseret into

167, 169; passed, 173 ; passed Senate

the Union as a State......... ....195

with amendments, 479; referred, 479;
Hopkins, Benjamin F., a Representative from Idaho, the Territory of, bill (H. R. No. 228)

reported, 510; discussed, 556, 557, 568,
Wisconsin .....
....3 to eularge the jurisdiction of the probate

590; agreed to with amendment, 590;
petition presented by.....

conference, 603, 606; conference report,
..150 court in-[By Mr. Shafer.]
bills introduced by-
referred, 196.

647; discussed, 647; agreed to by House,
No. 97—for the better protection of immi. joint resolution (H. R. No. 39) to provide

649; by Senate, 652; enrolled, 698.
grant passengers arriving at the ports for the payment of the salary of the

In Senate : received froin the House and
of the United States.......................74 district judge of, and Montana-[By

referred, 190; amendments, 190, 217, 263,
No. 98—to revive certain grants of lands Mr. Sbafer.]

291, 320, 321 ; reported, 232; called up,
to the State of Alabama......... 74 referred, 196.

371; discussed, 387, 413, 442; passed with
No. 994-to grant lands to aid in the con bill (H. R. No. 352) to provide a library

amendments, 451; disagreed to by House,
struction of a railroad from the Missis-

for--[By Mr. Shafer.]

581; conference, 586, 611; conference
sippi river to Yancton, on the Missouri

report, 628; concurred in, 628; enrolled,
referred, 398.
river, and to amend an act entitled "An

act for a grant of lands to the State of
Immigrants, bill (H. R. No. 97) for the better

remarks by-
Iowa in alternate sections to aid in the

protection of, arriving at the ports of the
United States--[By Mr. Hopkins. ]

Mr. Allison, 173, 562, 570, 571, 572, 590
construction of a railroad in said State,"

Mr. Axtell
referred, 74.

106, 172
approved May 12, 1864.................. 74

Mr. Beck....
No. 212—to grant certain lands to the
resolution in regard to the protection of, on

165, 167, 557, 572
Mr. Benjamin

168, 169
State of Wisconsin as swamp lands, 195

the high seas $—[By Mr. Finkelnburg, Mr. Bingham...
No. 368---for the improvement of the
March 24, 1869.]

558, 568, 569, 570

Mr. Brooks ....... ........556, 557
Washington canal.
.451 objected to, 248.

Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts .........517,
resolutions submitted by-
bill (H. R. No.275) to incorporate a national

556, 559, 501, 570, 571, 648, 649
instructing the Committee on Public land company for providing lands for,

Mr. Clarke......

.169, 170, 171,
Buildings and Grounds to ascertain the and freedmen in the late slaveholding

558, 559, 561, 571, 572, 648, 649
number of buildings now rented by the States--[By Mr. Butler, of Massachu-

Mr. Dawes...

Government for the use of the various
setts. ]

116, 164, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170,
Departments in Washington-[April 8, referred, 333 ; leave to report asked, 587.

171, 172, 173, 479, 516, 517, 556,

......... 644
644 Imported goods, bill (H. R. No. 82) relating

557, 558, 559, 561, 562, 569, 570,
placing the House restaurant in charge of to the appraisement of-[By Mr. Asper.]

571, 572, 573, 590, 647, 648, 649
the Committee on Public Buildings and

referred, 73.
Grounds-[April 8, 1869).. .644

Mr. Dickey ........167, 558, 559, 570, 572
Imports--see Appraisement.

Mr. Garfield ........
report made by.......

....516, 648
incidental remarks by.......
Indian Affairs, the Committee on .............. 76

Mr. Holman
.336, 451

173, 573, 590
concurrent resolution providing for the Mr. Jenckes

remarks on the joint resolution authorizing
the removal of public stables, 138, 139
appointment of a joint special Commit-

Mr. Johnson .........

..169, 172, 17.:
on the St. Croix and Lake Superior rail.

tee on-[By Mr. Butler, of Massachu-

Mr, Julian..

road resolution ........
setts, March 9, 1869.]

Mr. Kelsey,

read, 38, 40; discussed, 56; agreed to, 58.

Mr. Kerr

on the joint resolution relating to the
In Senate: received from House, 66;

Mr. Lawrence.

Interior Department...............644, 645
Hospital, bill (S. No. 133) to incorporate the
referred, 84.

167, 168, 557, 558, 571, 648
Washington General, and Asylum of the
remarks by-

Mr. Maynard...

.167, 172, 649
District of Columbia.

Mr. Allison ........

.........56, 57
Mr. McNeeley

received from Senate, 150; referred, 228.

Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts ..........38,

Mr. Negley

Hospital buildings, resolution calling for

Mr. Niblack
39, 40, 56, 57, 58

information relative to, &c.—[By Mr. Mr. Eldridge....

Mr. Paine

Dawes, March 22, 1869.]

Mr. Farnsworth.

Mr. Rogers

reported and agreed to, 199.

Mr. Garfield

Nr. Sargent

......570, 572
Hospitals, bill (H. R. Nó. 191) to provide for Mr. Ingersoll....

.56, 57
Mr. Scofield..

the appointment of a supervising surgeon

Mr. Judd....

Mr. Spink

of the marine, of the United States—[By

Mr. Julian......

Mr. Taffe..

166, 167, 173, 558
Mr. Logan.]

Mr. Lawrence.


Mr. Washburn, of Wisconsin. .572
referred, 194.

Mr. Maynard

.38, 40
Mr. Wilkinson.....

bill (S. No. 200) relating to freedmen's.
Mr. Randall.

172, 173, 557, 569, 570, 572
received from Senate, 398; read and dis Mr. Scofield.....

Mr. Wood ............... 165, 166, 169, 173
cussed, 509 ; passed, 510; enrolled, 562. yeas and nays on the.......

.58 yeas and nays on the.......




.38, 39
.40, 56


Indian policy discussed in Committee of the Ingersoll, Ebon C., a Representative from | Jenckes, Thomas A., a Representative from
Whole by-

Rhode Island - Continued.
Mr. Allison......
..567 resolutions submitted by-

remarks on the organization of the House, 17
Mr. Beck .............................

564 authorizing the Committee on Roads and on the resolution for a Committee on
Mr. Bingham

Canals to employ a clerk-[March 23, Retrenchment.............

Mr. Clarke.....

563, 564

..229 on the bill for the coinage of nickle.copper
Mr. Dawes
563, 564, 567, 568 instructing Committee on the Rules to pieces........

..98, 372
Mr. Dickey...

567, 568 inquire into the propriety of changing on the Indian appropriation bill.........173
Mr. Kerr .........


the name of the Committee on Roads on the bill extending the time for revising
Mr. Lawrence.................566, 567, 568 and Canals to that of the Committee

the statutes......

Mr. Wilkinson...

..564, 568 on Railways and Canals-[April 9, on the joint resolution relating to steam-
Indian reservations, bill (H. R. No. 66) to



forbid the conveyance of, by treaty or any

report made by......

.711 on the bill to amend the judicial system,
other grantees than the United States—[By

incidental remarks by........

338, 339, 340
Mr. Julian.]

59, 75, 80, 228, 230, 698, 711 on the bill for the relief of Isabella C.
referred, 72; printed, 84.
remarks on the organization of the House, Youngs

........373, 374
Indians, joint resolution (H. R. No. 14) rela-

5, 7, 15, 20, 36 on the bill for the relief of Jearum
tive to the lands of the Cherokee and
on the resolution for a joint Committee Atkins......

Great and Little Osage-[By Mr. Julian.]

on Indian Affairs........ ..........56, 57 on the bill for the relief of Alinzer Clark,
referred, 72.
on the bill to strengthen the public

374, 375
joint resolution (H. R. No. 25) for the relief

credit ......

60 on the bill for the relief of Richard M.
of Helen Lincoln and Heloise Lincoln,
on the National Junction railroad bill, 230 Hoe ..........

and for the withholding of money

on the joint resolution authorizing a bridge on the order of business...... ..398
from tribes of, holding American cap.

at Paducah....


on the deficiency bill...486, 487, 488, 489
tives—[By Mr. Clarke.]
on the bill relating to bridges across the on the civil service bill.

referred, 74.


-590, 711

on the bill to provide for taking the ninth
bill (H. R. No. 217) to provide for the col.
on the bill to relieve certain persons from

.553, 554, 555
lection and permanent location of the

disabilities. ....

.695, 696

on the bill for the publication of the
several bands of Snake, in Oregon-[By | Inspectors of steamboats, bill (II. R. No. '186) opinions of the Attorneys General...630
Mr. Smith, of Oregon.]

to provide two local, at Evansville, in the Johnson, James A., a Representative from
referred, 195.
State of Indiana-[By Mr. Niblack.]


bill (H. R. No. 220) to provide for and sub-
referred, 194.

petitions presented by...

....... 126
sist the Ogallalla and Brulé Sioux, of

Interest, bill (S. No. 191) to authorize the bills introduced by“.
the Platte agency-[By Mr. Taffe.] prepayment of the, of the public debt.

No. 105-granting lands to aid in the con-
referred, 195.

received from Senate, 228; referred, 230 ; struction of the Oroville and Virginia
joint resolation (S. R. No. 19) enabling
committee discharged, 396.

City railroad.......
actual settlers to purchase certain lands
remarks by-

No. 107—to provide a temporary govern;
of the Great and Little Osage.

Mr. Garfield........


ment for the territory of Alaska....... 74
received from Senate, 438; discussed,

Mr. Schenck.......

..396 No. 108--for the relief of Walter Sher-
512; passed with amendment, 513 ; Interior Department, calls for information upon

wood and David W. Martindale....... 74
conference, 562, 600, 606 ; conference the......

124 No. 196-granting lands to the State of
report, 683; agreed to by House, 683; communications from the....... .124,

California to be sold by said State to
by Senate, 693; enrolled, 697.

174, 281, 319, 479, 517, 562, 636 actual settlers in quantities not exceed.
remarks by-

in relation to the purchase of the United ing one quarter section to any one per-
Mr. Clarke


States Statutes-at-Large for distribu. son, and at a price not exceeding $2 50
Mr. Julian
..512, 513, 600, 683


per acre, to aid in the construction of a
Mr. Maynard.....

.512, 513 submitting estimates for the compensation railroad and telegraph line from the
resolution calling for a statement of the of the surveyor general of Louisi: town of Vallejo to Humboldt bay, in
treaties made by the Government of the



the State of California........
United States with the, with the date joint resolution (H. R. No. 36) relating to No. 146-to protect the fur-seal trade in
of each, &c.- [By Mr. Armstrong,
the-[By Mr. Niblack.]

Alaska, and for other purposes....... 161
April 8, 1869.]
referred, 194.

No. 215-changing the limits of certain
objected to, 637.
joint resolution (S. R. No. 26) relating to the.

land districts in the State of Califor-

received from Senate, 198; referred, 230;

bill (H. R. No. 422) to create a department
of home affairs, to provide for the

leave to report asked, 644.

No. 216—to provide for the better security
enforcement of civil law in the Indian
Invalid Pensions, the Committee on..........76

of lives of passengers on vessels pro-
Iowa, joint resolution (H. R. No. 70) extend.
country, the consolidation, civilization,

pelled by steam..

government, and citizenship of the-[By

ing certain land grants in, and Minne. No. 308-creating a new land district in

sota-[By Mr. Wilkinson.]
Mr. Julian. ]

the State of California .......

referred, 711.
referred, 505.

No. 309—for the relief of R. S. Weston,
Indian tribes, bill (H. R. No. 218) in relation

Islands, biil (H. R. No. 212) to grant certain, postmaster of Forest City, Sierra

to the State of Wisconsin as swamp
to treaties with-[By Mr. Clarke.]

county, California.........

referred, 195.

lands-[By Mr. Hopkins. ]

No. 310-granting lands to aid in the con-
bill (H. R. 299) to provide for the consoli-
referred, 195.

struction of a canal for navigation and
dation of the, and to organize a system

irrigation purposes in the State of Cali-


of government in the Indian terri-

Jenckes, Thomas A., a Representative from No. 351--to change certain land districts
tory-[By Mr. Van Horn.]

Rhode Island


in the State of California.................397
referred, 334.
bills introduced by-

resolution submitted by-
Indian troubles, resolution in regard to the, No. 154—to establish a uniform rule of in regard to Chinese and Mongolian

in Arizona-[By Mr. McCormick, of Ari naturalization throughout the United voters-[March 22, 1869).......... ..202
zona, April 7, 1869.]

...... 193 incidental remarks by

.80, 202
objected to, 600.

No. 276—to repeal certain provisions in remarks on the order of business... 100, 101
Ingersoll, Ebon C., a Representative from the appropriation bills relative to the on Indian appropriation bill, 169, 172, 173
Illinois ......

Patent Office............. ...........333

on the bill concerning land districts in
bills introduced by-
No. 335-for the relief of Jearum At-


No. 74-supplemental to an act entitled

kins .......


Johnson, James M., bill (H. R. No. 87) for
"An act to provide a national currency No.336—for the relief of Alinzer Clark,374 the relief of, and Gayle H. Kyle, mem-
secured by pledge of United States No. 337-to extend the term of the letters. bers-elect from the State of Arkansas to
bonds, and to provide for the circula. patent issued to Richard M. Hoe.... 375 the Thirty-Eighth and Thirty-Ninth Con-
tion and redemption thereof,'' approved No. 371-to establish a department of gresses-[By Mr. Boles. ]
June 3, 1864......


.........505 referred, 73; referred anew, 556.
No. 188-in relation to bridges across the No. 420-to regulate the civil service of Johnson, William C., bill (H. R. No. 298)
Ohio river.........

the United States.......

711 granting a pension to, a soldier in the war
No. 329-granting a pension to Jerry resolution submitted by-

of 1812–[By Mr. Dyer.]
Gordon ......

335 giving powers to the Committee on Ninth referred, 334.
joint resolu'ion introduced by-

Census-[April 9, 1869)........ 714 | Johnson, Willis D., bill (H. R. No. 205) to
No. 64-authorizing the building of a rail. reports made by:

.373, 374, 375 remove legal and political disabilities from,
road bridge over the Ohio river at incidental remarks by.......

......59, of Arkansas-[By Mr. Rogers. ]
Paducah, Kentucky ....... ....371

425, 467, 477, 711, 714 referred, 195.


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