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and producing a large surplus, which would be sent to New.York
by the way of the lakes, if a rail-road were constructed from the
Mississippi to Lake Michigan. The people of Iowa are almost as
deeply interested in the completion of this work as those of Wis.
consin ; and I have no doubt that opposite to its termination on
the Mississippi would be a focus for many other important works,
and a town of great magnitude would spring up, rising in impor.
tance with the other commercial emporiums of the west. This
would give Wisconsin the transportation of the produce of Towa to
Lake Michigan, and would build up a lake.port town which would
be the pride of the country. He who will wander back in me.
mory for the last ten years and examine the latent resources of
the country which have been developed and added to our national
wealth, and view the wonderful and magic changes which have
been made in the wilderness of the west, will be ready to join with
me in my brilliant anticipations for the future, and picture a pros.
perity more prolific with wonderful results.
All of which is respectfully submitted.

Chief Engineer of the Territory for the

M. and R. R. Canal. mist. His Excellency HENRY DODGE, Governor of Wisconsin Termi ritory.

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Document C.



..Mineral Point, Nov. 25th, 1839. To His Excellency, Henry Dodge,

Governor and Commander-in-Chief, 8.c., &.C. SIR--In obedience to general orders issued by the Commader. in.ehief, and bearing date August the first, 1839, a general order of the same date was issued from this department, accompanied by letters of instruction, directer 10 the several commanders of regiments and separate battalions; of the militia of the Territory, and also requiring the several commanding officers of volunteer corps' within the same, to conform 10 the requisitions of the said order. The object of the general orders, was, to effect the re. organization of the militia, in conformity with the existing laws of the United States in relation to the army, and also pursuant to an act of the Legislature of Wisconsin, passed the eighth day of March, 1839. . The military force of Wisconsin Territory, as organized prior to the passage of the laws above staied, consisted of five regiments, and two separate battalions, comprising thirty companies of mili. tia; also of seven volunteer corps'; the whole being formed into two brigades. Those laws required an increased number of men in each company, so as not to be less than ninely.thrce, including officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates; and consequently rendered a new arrangement as to the bounds and number of companies, necessary, preparatory to the re-organiza. tion of the whole into battalions, regiments and brigades.

From the first regimental district, composed of the county of Iowa, no official returns have been received, designating the bounds of companies, or the number of men contained in the regi. mient; although by the advertised orders of the commanding offia cer of the regiment, the bounds of the several companies have been designated, with a view to include the requisite number of men in each company. In the Mineral Point company, in this regiment, tóree officers have been returned to your Excellency for commissions.

From the second regimental district, composed of the counties of Brown, Manitouwoc, Sheboyagan, Pon du Lac, Portage, Mar. quette and Calumet, the most satisfactory returns have been received. Colonel Wheelock, wiih promptness and accuracy, im. mediately proceeded to designate the new bounds of companies according to general orders, and the result has been forwarded to this office, exhibiting the muster rolls of six companies, together with the selection of ofiicers in each, and giving an aggregate of five hundred and seventy-two officers, non-commissioned officers and privates, as row enrolled ; accompanied with a statement, that a number of persons now settled in ihe prairies of the Upper Wisconsin, whose names are not yet obtained, may render the fractional company in the regiment complete.

From the third regimental district, composed of the counties of Milwaukee, Jefferson, Dodge and Washington, I have received no returns of the new bounds of companies, nor of the actual number of men therein; but a return has been made to this office of the names of company officers for six companies, and also a recom. . mendation for the appointment of a major of the regiment to fill a vacancy; the officers names have been reported to your Excel. lency.

From the fourth regimental district, (formerly the eighth,) com. posed of the counties of Racine, Walworth and Rock, no returns have been made in relation to the new organization of bounda. ries of the companics ; but I have received from the commanding officer of the regiment a statement of the old bounds of the nine companies of which his command is composed, together with a promise .to forward to this office a complete muster roll of each company, as soon as the same can be obtained; the receipt of these documents will perhaps cause the present company bounda

ries to be little, if any, changed; this is the opinion of the colonel. A major has been lately commissioned in this regiment to fill a vacancy.

From the fifth regimental district, (formerly the ninth,) com. posed of Grant county, no official returns have been received hitherto, but they may be shortly expected.

From major H. L. Dousman, commander of the separate ba:. talion, composed of the county of Crawford, a very satisfactory report has been received, exhibiting the musier rolls of two com. panies, containing, the first, sixty-two, and the second one hundred and two, making in the aggregate, of officers, nɔn.commissioned officers and privates, one hundred and sixty-four men. Commis. sions have been issued to the newly elected officers in this battalion. In answer to enquiries made from this department on thic subjíct, major Dousman has written, that he will obtain, as carly as possi. bie, information of the number of persons now in the St. Croix and Chippewa country, with a view of their organization into com. pavies, and report the result to this ollice.

From the separate baitalion composed of the counties of Dane and Green, no return has been received. I understand that the battalion is divided into four company districts, the number of mcu not yet ascertained.

The volunteer corps of "the first Wisconsin Dragoons,” com. manded by Capt. Jolin F. O'Ncill, exhibits a muster roll of forly. thrce officers, non.comniissioned ofiicers and privates, as relurned to this odice.

No other volunteer corps' have made returns, although I under. stand that several are in existence in the Territory,

Considering the great extent of country embraced in the Terri. tory, its widely scattered population, the difficulty of communica. tion from one quarter to another, except on direct mail routes, and especially the short period elapsing from the date of the gene. ral orders to the present time, much has already been eilected in obtaining the desired object of the Commander-in-Chiet; as ex. pressed in the general orders, and in a short time it is expected that this departmer:l will be able to furnish your Excellency witb

a correct roster of the militia and volunteers of the Territory, as soon as the requisite information is gained from the proper sources, on the subject of the required re.organization of the militia of the Territory, I will lay the same before the Commander-in-Chief.

I have the honor to be,

Your Excellency's ob't serv't,

Adjutant. General Wisconsin Militia.

Document D.

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REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS. To the Honorable the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin :

The commissioners appointed under the act of the Legislature of the Territory of Wisconsin, approved March 8th, 1839, enti. t led - An act in addition to an act entitled, “An act to establish the seat of government of the Territory of Wisconsin, and to provide for the erection of public buildings, approved December 3d, 1836,' and for other purposes,” would respectfully

REPORT: That after having entered into bonds for the faithful perform. ance of their duties, they met for the first time at Milwaukec on the 8th day of May, 1839, and at said meeting Nathaniel C. Pren. tiss was chosen acting commissioner of the board, and James L. Thayer was elected treasurer. At the said meeting it was ordered that the next meeting of the board, be held at Madison.

[See copy of document marked A.]

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