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Washington, to be determined in the manner hereinafter Washington at such place, and shall pass along such mentioned : Provided, always, and be it enacted, That be public street or'alley, to such point or terminus, within fore the Baltimore and Olio Rail Road Company afore the said city, as the said company shall find best calculasaid shall proceed to construct any rail road which they ted to promote the objects of said road: Provided, That may lay out or locate, on, through, or over any land or the level of said road within the said city shall conform

provements, or to use, take for use any earth, stone, to the present graduation of the streets, unless the said or other materials, on any land within the said District, Corporation shall agree to a different level : And providthey shall first obtain the assent of the owner of such ed, also, That the said company shall not be permitted land, inprovements, or materials, or, if such owner shall to take or terminate the said road west of the west side be absent from said District, or shall refuse to give such of seventh street west : And provided, also, That the assent on such terms as the said Company shall approve, said road shall not cross, or interfere with, or infringe on or, because of infancy, coverture, insanity, or any other the existing Washington City Canal, or the Chesapeake cause, shall be legally incapable of giving such assent, and Ohio Canal, their waters or basins, or any other cathen it shall be lawful for the said company to apply to anal which may hereafter be projected and executed to justice of the peace of the County of Washington, who connect the said Chesapeake and Ohio Canal with the shall thereupon issue his warrant, under lis hand aforesaid Washington City Canal in its whole extent to and seal, directed to the Marshal of the said District, the Eastern Branch of the Potomac: Provided, also, The requiring him to summon a jury of twenty inhabi- rate actually charged and received on all that part of said tants of the said District, none of whom shall be in road within the District shall not exceed three cents a terested, or related to any person interested, in the land ton per mile for toll, and three cents a ton per mile for or materials required for the construction of the sad transportation, except as hereinafter specified, and shall rail road, or a stockholder, or related to any stockholder, be the same each way : Provided, also, That the privi. in the said company, to meet on the land, or near to the leges granted by this bill to the aforesaid rail road comother property or materials so required, on a day named pany shall be upon the condition that the said company in s'ich warrant, not less than three nor more than fifteen shall charge the same rate of toll upon the same articles days after issuing the same, to proceed to value the dain- going east and west between Baltimore and Washington, ages which the owner or owners of any such land or other Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That in addition to property will sustain by the use or occupation of the the charges authorized by said act of incorporation to be same, required by the said company; and the proceed. made by the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company ings, duty, and authority of the said Marshal, in regard to aforesaid, the said company shall be authorized, within such warrant and jury, and the oath or affirmation to be the said District, to make any special contract with any aaministered, and inquisition to be made and returned, corporation. company or individual, for the exclusive use shall be the same as are directed and authorized in regard of any car, or of any part of, or place in, any car, or to the Sheriff, by the fifteenth section of the said act of other carriage, on any rail roari constructed by the said the General Assembly of the State of Maryland, incor-company, for a specified tiine or distance, or both, or for porating the said Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Compa- the receipt and delivery, or the transportation of merny; and all the other proceedings in regard to such jury, chandise or other valuable articles, in boxes, parcels, or and the estimating and valuation of damages, and the pay- packages, weighing less than one-tenth of a ton, on such ment or tender of payment of any damages ascer- terms as may be mutually agreed on between the partained by such valuation and effect thereof, and of ties : Provided, That the charge for the transportation the

of any lands, or other property, or ma- of merchandize or other valuable articles shall not exterials, as to giving the said company a right to ceed one cent per mile for any single box, parcel, or use the same for the use or construction of any rail package weighing less than fifty pounds, and measuring road within the said District, as hereby authorized, shall, in size, not more than two cubic feel ; and for any heain every case, and in every respect, be the san.e as is pro- vier or larger box, parcel, or package, weighing less vided in and by the abovementioned act of incorporation than one-tenth of a ton, not more than two cents per in regard to the railroad thereby authorized to be mile. And the said company, in all cases where ihe constructed by said Company: Provided, also, and be whole of the merchandise, froduce, or other property, it enacted, That whenever the said company, in the con- transported on their rail road within the said District, at struction of a rail road into or within the said District, as any one time, belonging to the same person, co-partner, authorized by this act, shall find it necessary to cross or ship, or corporation, shall weigh less than a ton, and intersect any established road, street or other way, it more than half a ton, shall be entitled to charge and reshall be the duty of the said company so to construct the ceive, for the transportation thereof, at the same rate said railroad, across such established road, street per mile as if it weighed a full ton; and if the same shall or other way, as not to impede the passage or weigh less than half a ton, the charge per mile may be transportation of persons or property along the the same as for half a ton ; always estimating a lon same; and, where it shall be necessary to pass the weight to be two thousand pounds. said rail road through the land of any individual with Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said compain the said District, it shall also be the duty of the said ny are, also, hereby empowered to make such special Company to provide for such inclividual proper wagon contract with any duly authorized officer or agent of the ways across the said rail road, from one part of his land United States, for the conveyance of the mail, or the to the other ; but nothing herein contained shall be so transportation of persons or property for the use of the construed as to authorize the entry by the said Company United States, un any rail road which has been, or shall upon any lot or square, or upon any part of any lot or be constructed by the said Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road square, owned by the United States, or by any other Company, on such terms as shall be approved of by the body or bodies politic or corporate, or by any individual competent officer or authority ; and in all such instanor individuals, within the limits of the city of Wash. ces, to receive the compensation so agreed for, accordington, for the purposes aforesaid, of locating or con- ing to the terms of eachi contract. structing the said road, or of excavating the same, or for Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the said railthe purpose of taking therefrom any material, or for any road company may charge and receive, for taking up other purpose or uses whatsoever ; but the said com- and setting down any passenger or traveller within the pany, in passing into the District aforesaid, and construct District, conveyed a shorter distance than four miles, a ing the said road within the same, shall enter the City of sum not exceeding twelve and a half cenis.


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Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That unless the said eighteenth of April, one thousand eight hundred and company shall commence the said lateral rail road within eighteen ; and, in case of vacancy in said office of Com. one year, and complete the same with at least one set of inissioner, or of his being unable to act from any cause, tracks, within four years from the passage of this act, the President is authorized to fill such vacancy by the then this act, and all the rights and privileges thereby appointment of some other qualified person, whenever granted, shall cease and determine.

it may be necessary, until the object of the commission Sec. 0. And be it further enacted, That nothing herein shall be attained. contained, shall be so construed as to prevent the Con Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, that the said Board gress of the United States from granting the same or si- of Commissioners shall have power to employ the necesmilar privileges to those hereby granted to any other sary surveyors and laborers, and shall meet at such time company or companies, incorporated or to be incorpora- and place as may be agreed upon by the President of the ted by the States of Maryland or Virginia, or by Con- United States and the Government of the State of ll. gress, or from authorizing, by any future law, such ad- linois, and proceed to ascertain, survey and mark the ditional rail road or roads, in connexion with said road, said Northern line of the State of Winois, and report so as to extend the same road, or to construct others con- their proceedings to the President of the United States, nected therewith, to such parts of the District as from and the Governor of the State of Illinois. time to time may be required by the convenience of Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the President those parts of the District into which the said company may allow to the said Commissioner of the United States, are now restrained from carrying said road, or from en. such compensation for his services as shall seem to bim acting such rules and regulations, prescribing the speed reasonable : Provided, it does not exceed the allowance of cars or carriages passing over said road, and other made by the State of Illinois to the Commissioner on its matters relating thereto, necessary for the security of part ; and the said allowance, together with one half of the persons and property of the inhabitants of the Dis. the necessary expenses of said board, and the surveyors trict, in such manner as to the present or any future and laborers, and the allowance to be made to the Sur Congress shall seem expedient : And provided, neverthe- veyors General of the State of Alabama and the Terriless, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to tory of Florida, and the necessary expenses incurred by give any rights or privileges to the said company, beyond them in running and marking said line between said State the limits of the District of Columbia.

and Territory, shall be paid from the Treasury of the Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That if the State of United States, out of any money not otherwise approMaryland shall deterinine to construct a rail way between priated ; and, to enable the President to carry this act the city of Baltimore and the District of Columbia, or into effect, there is hereby appropriated the suin of two shall incorporate a company for the same purpose, then thousand dollars. similar rights, privileges, immunities, and powers, con. Approved, March 2, 1831, ferred by this act on the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, be, and the same are hereby conferred on the State of AN ACT allowing the duties on foreign merchandise Maryland, or any company which may be incorporated imported into Pittsburg, Wheeling, Cincinnatti, Louisby it for the same purpose, within one year after the ville, St. Louis, Nashville, and Natchez, to be secured passage of this act.

and paid at those places. Approved : March 2, 1831.

Be il enacted, &c. That when any gouds, wares, or mer

chandisc, are to be imported from any forcign country, AN ACT to ascertain and mark the line between the into Pittsburg, in the State of Pennsylvania, Wheeling, State of Alabama and the Territory of Florida, and the in the State of Virginia, Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio, northern boundary of the State of Illinois, and for Louisville, in the State of Kentucky, St. Louis, in the other purposes.

State of Missouri, Nashville, in the State of Tennessee, Be it enacted, &c. That the President of the United or into Natchez, in the State of Mississippi ; the imporStates be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause to be ter therof shall deposite in the custody of the Surveyor run and marked the boundary line between the State of of the place a schedule of the goods so intended to Alabama and the Territory of Florida, by the Surveyors be imported, with an estimate of their cost at the place General of Alabama and Florida, on the thirty-first de- of exportation ; whereupon the said Surveyor shall make gree of north latitude ; and it shall be the duty of the an estimate of the amount of duties accruing on the Surveyor General of Florida to connect the public sur same, and the importer or consignee shall give bond, veys on both sides with the line so run and marked. with sufficient suretics, to be approved by the Surveyor,

Sec. 2. Ani be it further enacted, That patents shall in double the amount of the duties su estimatell, condibe issued for such tracts of land as were sold and paid tioned for the payment of the duties on such merchan. for at the land office at Tallahassee, in the Territory of dise, ascertained as hercinafter directed ; and the SurveyFlorida, as are found to be situate within the limits of the or shall forth with notify the Collector at New Orleans of district of lands subject to sale at Sparta, in Alabama, the same, by forwarding to him a copy of said bund and agreeably to the terms of the act organizing that district; schedule. and the said entries and sales shall be as valid, in every Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the importer respect, as if they had been made in the land district of or his agent, is hereby authorized to enter any merchanAlabama.

dize, imported, as aforesaid, by the way of New Orleans, Sec. 3. And be it further en acted, that the President at that port, in the manner now prescribed by law; and of the United States is hereby authorized to cause the the Collector shall grant a permit for the landing thercof, Surveyor General of the United States for the States of and cause the duties to be ascertained as in other cases, Illinois and Missouri, and the Territory of Arkansas, to the said goods remaining in the custody of the Collector act as a Commissioner on the part of the United States, until re-shipped for the place of destination, and the whenever be shall be duly informed that the Government Collector shall certify to the Surveyor at such place the of the State of Illinois shall have appointed a Commis- amount of such duties, wbich the said Surveyor shall ens sioner on its part, the two to form a board, to ascertain, ter on the margin of the bond, as aforesaid given to se. survey, and mark the northern line of the State of Il-cure the same, which goods shall be delivered by the linois, as defined in the act of Congress, entitled “ An Collector to the agent of the importer or consignee, du. act to enable the people of the Illinois Territory to form ly authorized to receive the same, for shipment to the a Constitution and Sta!c Government, &c." passed the place of importation, and the master or commander of

Laws of the United States.

[21st Cong. 2d Sess.

every steamboat, or other vessel, in which such merchan Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That all penalties and dise shall be transported, shall, previously to her depar- forfeitures incurred by force of this act shall be sued for, ture from New Orleans, deliver to the Collector duplicate recovered, distributed and accounted for, in the manner manifests of such merchandise, specifying the marks and prescribed by the act, entitled “An act to regulate the numbers of every case, bag, box, chest, or package, collection of duties on imports and tonnage," passed on containing the same, with the name and place of resi- the second day of March, one thousand seven hundred dence of every importer or consignee of such merchan- and ninety-nine, and may be mitigated or remitted in the dise, and the quantity shipped to cach, to be by him subo manner prescribed by the act, entitled “ An act to provide scribed, and to the truth of which he shall swear or af. for mitigating or remitting the forfeitures, penalties, and firm, and that the said goods have been received on board disabilities, accruing in certain cases therein mention. his vessel ; stating the name of the agent, who shipped ed,” passed on the third day of March, one thousand the same ; and the said Collector shall certify the facts, seven hundred and ninety-seven. as aforesaid, on the manifests, one of which he shall re. Approved, March 2, 1831. turn to the master, with a permit thereto annexed, authorizing him to proceed to the place of his destination. AN ACT to repeal the act to establish the District of Sec. 3. And be it further en:cled, That, if any steam.

Blakely. bort or other vessel, having merchandise on hoard, im Be it enacted, &c. That the act, entitled “An act to ported as aforesaid, shall depart from New Orleans establish the District of Blakely," approved the sevenwithout having complied with the provisions of this act, teenth day of April, eighteen hundred and twenty-two, the master thereof shall forfeii five hundred dollars ; and be, and the same is hereby, repealed. the master of any such boat or vessel, arriving at either

Approved, March 2, 1831. of the ports above named, on board of which merchan. disc, as aforesaid, shall have been shipped at New-Or

AN ACT for the relief of Samuel Nowell. leans, shall within eighteen hours next after the arrival, and previously to unloading any part of said merchandise be paid to Samuel Nowell

, of New Hampshire, a pension

Be it enacled, &c. That the Secretary of War cause to the same, certified, as aforesaid, by the Collector of New of eight dollars per month during his natural life, comOrleans, and shall make oath or affirmation before the mencing on the fourth day of March, one thousand eight

hundred and thirty. said Surveyor that there was not, when he departed from New Orleans, any more or other goods on board such

Approved, March 2, 1831. boat or vessel, imported as aforesaid, than is therein men tioned ; whereupon the Surveyor shall cause the said AN ACT to incorporate a Fire Insurance Company in casks, bags, boxes, chests, or packages, to be inspected,

Georgetown, in the District of Columbia. and compared with the manifests, and the same being Be it enacled, &c. That the subscribers to this comidentified, he shall grant a permit for unloading the same, pany, their successors and assighs, shall be, and they are or such part thereof as ihe master shall request, and, hereby, created a body politic and corporate, by the when a part only of such merchandise is intended to be name and style of the “Potomac Fire Insurance Com. lander, the Surveyor shall make an endorsement on the pany of Georgetown;" and shall by that name have sucback of the manifests, designating such part, specifying the cession, and shall be able to sue and be sued, implead and articles to be landed, and shall return the manifests to the be impleaded, in all courts of law in the United States, master, endorsing thereon his permission to such boat or and to make and use one common seal, and the same to vessel to proceed to the place of its destination ; and, if alter and amend at their pleasure. the master of such steamboat or vessel shall neglect or Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That subscriptions refuse to deliver the manifests within the time herein di- be opened in Georgetown, in the District aforesaid, un. rected, he shall forfeit one hundred dollars.

der the direction of Francis Dodge, Raphael Semmes, Sec. 4. And be il further enacted, That the Collector of Walter Smith, John Kurtz, William S. Nicholls, L. G. the port of New Orleans shati permit no entry to be made Davidson, John Marbury, Joel Cruttenden, O. M. Linthiof goods, warcs, or merchandise, where the duty on the cum, James Dunlop, William G. Ridlgeley, Samuel Homsa ne shall exceed the amount of the bond deposited with phreys, and William Hayman, as Commissioners, or a mathe Surveyor, as aforesaid, nor shall the said Surveyor re- jority of them, for raising a capital stock of two hundredi ceive the bond of any person not entitled to a credit at thousand dollars, divided into eight thousand shares of the custom house, or for a sum less than fifty dollars, and twenty-five dollars each. that, when the said bond shall have been completed, and Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said Comthe actual amount of duty ascertained and certified on missioners, after giving ten days previous notice of the the margin, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Sur time and place for receiving subscriptions of the said veyor of the port where the bond is taken, to dleposite stock, shall proceed to receive the same ; and should the the same for collection in such bank as may be directed number of shares subscribed exceed the number of which by the Secretary of the Treasury.

the capital stock consists, then, and in such case, the said Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That where Surveyors Commissioners are hereby authorized and directed so lo are not already appointed in any of the places mention- apportion the shares subscribed among the several subed in the first section of this act, a suitable person shall scribers, by proportional reduction, as muy reduce the be appointed for such places, and on all such Surveyors, whole to the aforesail number of eight thousand shares. whether appointed or to be appointed, shall devolve the Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That Ne sum of one duties prescribed by this act in addition to the customary dollar on eachi share shall be paid to the Commissioners duties performerl by that officer in other places; and the at the time of subscribing, and a further sum of four dolSurveyor at each of said places shall, before taking the lars on each share of stock by instalments, after giving oath of office, give security to the United States for the thirty days previous notice to the stockhollers, in one or faithful performance of all his duties, in the sum of ten more newspapers printed in the District of Columbia, not thousand dollars, and shall receive in addition to his exceeding iwo dollars on each share ; and that the recustomary fees, an annual salary of three hundred and inainder of the said twenty-five collars shall be secured fifty collars Provided, that no salary arising under this by notes payable on demand, signed and endorsed to the act, shall commence until its provisions shall take effect, satisfaction of the President and Directors. The said and inerchandise may be imported under its authority. notes shall be renewed whenever the director's may con

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sider it propers but the directors are herehy required to Constitution of the United States; that the said president cause the same to be renewed at least once in every twelve and directors shall conduct business in Georgetown, that months; and every stockholder neglecting or refusing to they shall keep full, fair, and correct entries of their renew his vote, or neglecting or refusing to pay any in- transactions, which shall be at all times open to the instalment, when required by the President and Directors spection of the stockholders; they shall also have power su to do, shall forfeit all his interest in this company, and to hire or purchase a suitable building or buildings in be held liable for his proportion of any loss which may Georgetown, for the purpose of transacting the affairs of have occurred previousto sich neglect or refusal. the institution; that the president, or such other person

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That, should any for- as may be appointed in his place, and four directors, shall feiture be incurred by any member of this institution, the form a quorum for transacting business, and all questions same may be annulled, remitted, and made void by a ma which may coine before them shall be decided by a plu. jority of the whole board of directors present at the meet. rality of votes. ing at which the motion for such remission shall be made : Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That all policies of Provided, That no remittance of any forfeiture under this insurance made by this corporation shall be signed by the act shall take place without the payment of the principal President, attested by the Secretary, and sealed with of said instalment, and interest thereon, or the renewal the common seal thereof; and all losses on any such po. of his note, as required by the directors, as also the pay: licy or policies shall be adjusted by the president and ment of his proportion of such loss as may have occurred board of directors, and paid, agreeably to the terms of previous to such forfeiture.

the policy, out of the funds of the company. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That, as soon as two Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That dividends of thousand shares shall be subscribed for, the Commission the nett profits arising on the capital stock, or so much ers hereby authorized to receive subscriptions shall call a thereof as to them inay appear advisable, after reserving meeting of the subscribers, after giving ten days notice in one-third of the nett profits as a surplus fund, until it one or more of the newspapers printed in the District of shall amount to the sum of twenty thousand dollars,shall Columbia ; and the subscribers who shall assemble in loc macie at such periods as the president and directors consequence of such notice, or appear by proxy, shall may judge proper, not oftener than once in six months, choose by ballot from among the stockholders, by a ma. and the same shall be paid to the stockholders or their jority of votes, twelve directors, who shall continue in legal representatives; but if a dividend shall at any time office until the first Monday in August, in the year one be declared of a greater amount than the nett profits of thousand eight hundred and thirty-one; on which Mon- the said company at the time of making the same, each day in August, in every succeeding year thereafter, an and every director that consented thereto, shall, and is hereelection shall be held for twelve directors as aforesaid, by declared to be liable for, in his individual capacity, and who shall continue in office for one year from the time of bound to contribute to make good the deficiency in the their election, and until others shall be chosen in their capital stock occasioned by such improper dividend. stead ; and the said directors, at their first meeting, shall Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That no stock. choose from among themselves, or from the stockholders holder shall be answerable, in his person or individual at l:ırge, a President, and allow him a reasonable com- property, for any contract or agreement of said compapensation for his services ; and, in case of death, removal, ny, or for any losses, deficiencies, or failures, of the resignation, or other disqualification of the President or capital stock of said institution, except in the case of a any of the Directors, the remaining directors may elect director declaring an improper dividend, as before proothers to supply their places during the remainder of the vided for in the tenth section of this act; but the whole term for which they were chosen.

of the said capital stock, together with all property, Sec. 7. And be il further enacted, That every subscri- rights, and credits, belonging thereunto, and nothing ber shall be entitled to vote by himself, his agent or more, shall at any time bc answerable for the demands proxy, appointed under his hand and seal, attested by against the said company: two witnesses, at all elections made by virtue of this act; Sec. 12. And be it further enacled, that the stock of and shall have as many votes as he holds shares, as far as this institution is hereby declared personal and not real ten shares; one vote for every five shares which he may estate, and may be assigned and transferred on the books sold over ten shares as far as fifty other shares; and one of the company, in person or by power of attorney only; vote for every twenty shares which he may held over but no stockholder indebted to the company shall be sixty shares.

permitted to make a transfer, or receive a dividend, unSec. 8. And be il further enacted, That the affairs of ti! such debt is paid or secured to the satisfaction of the this institution shall be conducted by the president and president and board of clirectors. directors elected as aforesaid; that the president shall Sec 13. And be it further enacled, That this act shall preside at all meetings of the directors, and, in case of be and continue in force until the first day of December, absence, his place may be supplied by one of the direc- in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty, and tors, appointed by the board; that the president and di. until the end of the next session of Congress which shall rectors shall have power and authority to make all kinds happen thereafter; and on the dissolution or expiration of instirances against loss or damage by fire, and insur- of this charter, the president and directors for the time ances on inland transportation of goods, wares, merchan- being shall take prompt and effectual measures for closdise, and country, produce, not exceeding ten thousand ing all its concerns; but no such dissolution or expiration dollars in any one policy, and to invest the funds of the shall operate so as to prevent any suits to be brought or institution in stock, or dispose of the same in sich man- continued by or against the said corporation, for any debt ner as in their judgment may be most advantageous to the or claim due by or to, the same, and which arose previ: said institution; that they shall bave full power and au- ously to said dissolution or expiration; but for the purthority to appoint a Secretary, and such other clerks and pose of closing its concerns, its corporate powers shall servants under them as shall be necessary for transacting remain unimpaireel. the business of the said institution, and may allow them Approvec, March 1831. such salary as they shall judge reasonable; to ordain and establish such by-laws, ordinances, and regulations, as AN ACT to provide for the further compensation of the shall appear to them necessary for regulating and con

Marshal of the District of Rhode Island. ducting the concerns of the said institution, not being Be it enacted, &c. That the Marshal of the District of contrary to, or inconsistent with, this act, or the laws and Rhode Island shall be entitled to receive in addition to


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the compensation now allowed by law, an annual sa. of William Delzell, on the list of revolutionary pension. lary of two hundred dollars, payable quarterly, out of ers, and to pay him at the rate of eight dollars per month, any money in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated. to commence on the first day of January, eighteen hunApproved, March 2, 1831.

dred and thirty-one.

Approved, March 2, 1831. AN ACT for the relief of certain holders of certificates

issued in lieu of lands injured by earthquakes in Mis- AN ACT declaring the assent of Congress to an act of seuri.

the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, hereinafter Be it enacted, &c. That the legal owners of any cer

recited. tificates of new location issued under the act of seven

Be it enacted, &c. That the consent of the United teenth of February, one thousand eight hundred and States shall be, and is hereby given to an act of the Genefifteen, for the relief of persons whose lands were injur. ral Assembly of the State of Ohio, entitled “ An act for ed by ear:hquakes in Missouri, which may have been lo. the preservation and repair of the United States' road," cated upon lands, any part of which has been adjudged passed the fourth day of February, in the year of our to any person or persons as a right of pre-emption, shall Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one, which be authorized to locate such warrants upon such lands act is in the words and figures following, to wit : as are liable to entry at private sale: Provided, That pre Be il enacted by the General Assembly of the State of vious to making such new location, the legal owners

Ohio, That whenever the consent of the Congress of aforesaid shall relinquish to the United States all claim

• the United States to this act shall be obtained, the Goto the previous location: And Provided further, That

'vernor of this State shall be, and he is hereby autho. such locations shall be made and patents issued therefor,

· rized to take under his care, on behalf of this State, so under the same regulations, and restrictions, as if the much of the road, commonly called the National Road, locations had been made under the provisions of the se

within the limits of this State, as shall then be finished, cond section of the act of the twenty-sixth of April, one

and also, such other sections, or parts thereof, as may thousand eight hundred and twenty-two, entitled, “ An thereafter be progressively finished within the limits act to perfect certain locations and sales of the public

* aforesaid, whenever the same shall be completed ; and lands in Missouri."

• he shall be, and is hereby authorized to cause gates and Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That this act shall

toll-houses to be erected on said ioad, at such finished remain in force for the term of eighteen months from the

parts thereof as he shall think proper, for the purpose passage thereof.

of collecting tolls, as provided by the fourth section of Approved, March 2, 1831.

• this act : Provided, The number of gates aforesaid shall

• not exceed one on any space or distance of twenty AN ACT for the relief of James Belger.

' miles. Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of War be, and

• Sec. 2 That a superintendent shall be appointed by he is hereby, authorized and required to place the name

'the Governor, whose duty shall be to exercise all reaof James Belger on the list of invalid pensioners, and to

sonable vigilance and diligence in the care of the road pay him at the rate of four dollars per month, to con

'commiited to his charge ; to contract for and direct mence on the first day of January, one thousand eight

the application of the labor, materials, and other things hundred and thirty-one.

necessary for the preservation, repair, and improvement Approved, March 2, 1831.

'thereof; he shall pay for the same out of such sums as

• the Governor shall furnish him for that purpose, subAN ACT to rectify the mistake in the name of Williamject to such responsibility and accountability as the

said Governor shall dictate ; and shall conform to such Tumey, an invalid pensioner. Be it enacled, &c. That the name of “ William Tur

instructions as the Governor shall prescribe for his conney” in the fifth section of the act, approved the twen.

duct, in all particulars relative to his said trust : he tieth of May, eighteen hundred and thirty, entitled " An toll gatherer for alleged misconduct, till the pleasure

may be empowered to suspend the functions of any act for the relief of sundry revolutionary and other officers and soldiers, and for other purposes, be changed

of the Governor shall be known, and to fill the vacancy to William Tumey, and that the said William Tumey

thereby occasioned during such interval ; and it shall and no other, may have and enjoy all the relief and be.

be his duty to give information of the facts in such case nefit granted by the said act to William Turney."

to the Governor, without any unnecessary delay : the Approved, March 2, 1831.

said superintendent shall hold his office during the

pleasure of the Governor, who shall allow him a reasonAN ACT for the relief of Daniel Jackson and Lucius

able compensation for his services. M. Higgins, of Newbern, North Carolina.

• Sec. 3. That the Governor be, and he is hereby au. Be it enacted, &c. That there shall be issued, under the to remove any of them at his pleasure ; and also, to al

thorized to appoint the necessary collectors of tolls, and direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, a register for the schooner Julia D. Ramsey, built in Quebec, but now

• low them, respectively, such stipulated compensation

* as he may deem reasonable. It shall be the duty of each owned by Daniel Jackson and Lucius M. Higgins, citizens of the United States, and lying at the port of New; gate or station assigned him by the Governor, the tolls

and every toll-collector to demand and receive, at the bern, in North Carolina, whenever the said Jackson and

prescribed and directed by the fourth section of this Higgins shall furnish the Secretary of the Treasury with

act; and to pay monthly into the treasury, according satisfactory proof that the said schooner has been repair. ed in the United States, and that the cost of repairing of the State, all the moneys so collected by said collec

to the directions they may receive from the Treasurer her, by her present owners, exceeds three-fourths of the tors, that shall remain, after deducting their compensaoriginal cost of building a vessel of the same tonnage in • tion aforesaid ; the said collectors shall be governed, in the United States.

• all respects relative to their office, by such regulations Approved, March 2, 1831.

• as the Governor shall ordain, in order to ensure a due

• responsibility and faithful discharge of their daties. AN ACT for the relief of William Delzell, of Ohio.

Sec. 4. That, as soon as the said gates and toll. Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of War be, and houses shall be erected, it shall be the duty of the said he is hereby, authorized and required to place the name • toll-collectors, and they are hereby required, to demand

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