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His children duteous, and himself beloved,
The brighest joys of married life he proved.
And when he bowed beneath the hand of death,
His faithful wife received his parting breath,
Kiss'd his pale lip, and closed his glazing eye-
His friend through life received his dying sigh.
Oh! not unhonour'd doth Philander rest-
His children rise, and call his memory blest.'
And as the willows o'er his ashes wave,
They say, 'behold our blessed father's grave !'
See yonder contrast, Belgrave's youthful days
Were passed in pleasure's captivating ways:
His joys profane, and grovelling in the dust,
To God to man-and to himself unjust,
He knows not love, or knows it but by name;
'Twas passion brought that wretched girl to shame,
Whose death, or worse, whose life of infamy
Shall bring on him whole years of misery.
In vain may wine or music seek to win,
They cannot blunt the serpent's tooth within;
To dissipation he may have recourse,
It cannot charm to sleep the fiend remorse;
Unblest by fond affection, with no heart,
Alike in joy and grief to bear a part,
His span of brief existence quickly flies,
He lives unhonoured, unlamented dies.
What kindred weep upon his lordly hier;
Who mourns him? surely not his reckless heir.
A venal epitaph his tomb may grace,
And show, unwept by love, his resting place.
But a few years, and moss o'ergrows the spot :
His name, his lineage, and himself, forgot.

D. L. J.

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[blocks in formation]

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