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Macauley laughing “ I assure you, my lads will not be sorry to fall in with some kegs of brandy and bales of tobacco; for although we got hold of the nut, it unluckily had no kernel. She seemed to have been already cleaned out, and though apparently well victualled, had nothing on board her but ballast."

“ Well, then," said Cleaver, “come along.-But, stay !-We must have some more hands with us.

Let me see, who have we here?” “It's me, your honour,” replied Jack Markham, “ I came ashore with the Captain here, to show him the way to Sanderson Mains."

“Oh you good-for-nothing vagabond!—to allow me to remain on shore, and so little way off too, without ever so much as sending me notice of the fun that was going on !--I've a great mind to stop your grog, and give ye salt water, ye rascal.-But ye dog, I'll have ye made a Master for your gallantry; though, damn ye, I'll always bear ye a grudge for cutting me out of such an evening's amusement !--But who are these men with you?”

“ Three of Captain Macauley's lads, your honour, and there are four more in his boat below;

your honour's boat also is on the beach with her six hands."

“ Then,” said Cleaver, “with your permission, Macauley, we'll take five men from each boat's crew,

and let the odd ones paddle back to the vessels, that they may tell the people aboard to keep a good look-out :-and with these ten, and Lord Eaglesholme, and you, and me, we shall make a devil's dozen, without counting Bill Handy, who is within a whistle of us,-enough, in all conscience, I think, to encounter twice as many of these scoundrels-But, hold !—are we all well armed ?"

“ There are arms and ammunition enough in both boats for the whole party," said Macauley; “ for, to tell you the truth, when I found that the villains had made good their retreat ashore, I thought it not unlikely that they might attack us as we landed on the beach. I therefore took the precaution to be prepared for whatever might happen."

“ Be off then, Jack !” said Cleaver, “ and bring up the lads, with every thing necessary, as fast as you can; and take care, do you hear, and send orders aboard, to make the people alert to prevent surprise."

“ There is little danger of any such thing being attempted,” said Macauley, “ for I anchored with the prize so close to your yacht, that they are within hail of each other.”

“ That's well," said Cleaver. “ Now, Sandy, while Jack's away, you will have time enough to tell us how you first got sight of this same smuggler."

“ That's soon done,” said Macauley.“ After I received your letter, I thought it was just as well to take a trip over here to look out for you, particularly as Sir Alisander Sanderson is an old acquaintance of mine, and I haven't broke a biscuit in his house for many a long day. So you see, after hauling into the bay here, with the which I am very well acquainted, I espied the yacht, and from the very build of her, I immediately guessed her to be yours. Having given orders to my people to take a station near her, I got into my boat, and went aboard of her, to see whether I could get any information about you. So as I was standing on deck talking to Markham about you, and the Random was preparing to take up her ground, we espied a strangelooking sail coming round the easter headland, as if for the purpose of sailing right into bay. But no sooner had the jade caught a sight of the Random, whose cut you may believe is pretty well known upon this coast, than she immediately wore, and stood off, evidently with the intention of keeping out of our view if she could. But faith we were too sharp for her, and this manæuvre of hers only the more convinced me that my first suspicions were well founded.

“I hailed the Random immediately, and sung out to the people not to let go the anchor, and to get up her sails directly; and getting aboard of her as fast as I could, I ran out to sea, carrying as much canvas as she could bear, but without showing any immediate intention of attacking. The enemy guessing what we were about, attempt ed to gain an offing, but although she sailed uncommonly well, I succeeded in shooting a-head of her, which I had no sooner accomplished, than I fired a gun to bring her to. To this she paid no attention, but began to try to make the thing out by maneuvring, during all which time we kept peppering her whenever we came within reach of her. But

“ Thank ye, thank ye, Sandy,” said Cleaver,

interrupting him familiarly, when I know all the remainder of the story, for I say the whole wat ter from the cliff,—(a murrain on that follow who didn't send for me, else I might have been in the very thick of the, thing,) +Tso we shall spare you the rest of your wind, for you will want it all to enable you to climb up this cursed raving, that always makes me blow like a porpus Bus stay,—if I mistake not, I think I hear the lads coming" bor free free fouto Proteto

As he said so, Jack Markham came singing, merrily up from the beach, attended by six stout active sailors, all in high glee, at the very thought of the work they were to be employed

And after every individual of the party had been properly appointed with arms, they set forward.

"! geli's: Busck beThe direct way to Moatmallaşd day, very close by Sanderson Mains. Cleaver,j therefore, .gent who had at last ventured, to join the party, even although he saw the warlock Lord at the head of it, to report the arrival of his old acquaintance, Macauley, and the capture of the smuggling,


Bill was,


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