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3 or on behalf of this State, unless such debt shall be authorized

4 by a law for some single work or object to be distinctly specified 5 therein; and such laws shall impose and provide for a collection 6 of a direct annual tax to pay, and sufficient to pay the interest 7 on such debt as it falls due; and also to pay and discharge the

8 principal of such debt within eighteen years from the time of the 9 contracting thereof. No such law shall take effect until it shall

10 at a general election have been submitted to the people, and have 11 received a majority of all the votes cast for and against it at such

12 election. On the final passage of such bill in either house of

13 the Legislature, the question shall be taken by ayes and noes, to 14 be duly entered on the journals thereof, and shall be: "Shall 15 this bill pass and ought the same to receive the sanction of the

16 people?” The Legislature may at any time after the approval

17 of such law by the people, if no debt shall have been contracted 18. in pursuance thereof, repeal the same, and may at any time by 19 law forbid the contracting of any further debts under such law 20 but the tax imposed by such act, in proportion to the debt and 21 liability which may have been contracted in pursuance of such

22 law, shall remain in force and be irrepealable and be annually

23 collected until the proceeds thereof shall have made the pro

24 vision hereinbefore specified to pay and discharge the interest

25 and principal of such debt and liability. The money arising 26 from any loan, or stock creating such debt or liability, shall be 27 applied to the work or object specified in the act authorizing 28 such debt or liability, or for the repayment of such debt or lia29 bility, and for no other purpose whatever. No such law shall

30 be submitted to be voted on within three months after its pass

31 age, or at any general election when any other law, or any bill, 32 or any amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted to be

33 voted for or against.


1 $ 12. Every law which imposes, continues or revives 2 shall distinctly state the tax and the object to which it is to be 3 applied; and it shall not be sufficient to refer to any other law

4 to fix such tax or object.


$ 13. No deficiency loan shall be made by or on behalf of

2 the State, for a longer period than is necessary to enable the 3 sinking fund provided for its payment, to accumulute an amount 4 sufficient to discharge it; and in no case sball such loan be made

5 for more than six years.

1 $ 14. The seat of Government of the State is hereby perma2 nently located at the city of Albany, but the rebuilding of a

3 new capitol shall not be undertaken within ten years from the 4 adoption of this Constitution, nor shall any money be hereafter 5 appropriated for that object until the expiration of that period.

Under the head of general amendments, Mr. A. F. ALLEN offered the following:


SEC. The Legislature, at the first session thereof after the 2 adoption of this Constitution, shall provide by law for a uniform

3 rate of assessment and taxation upon all property within this

4 State (and not in transitu), including all debts, whether such pro

5 perty or debts be owned by or due to residents or nonresidents

6 of this State, against the persons in the possession or having the

7 control thereof, without any deduction from the value thereof

8 for any debts due or to become due from such persons, and for 9 requiring from every person within this State a sworn statement,

10 at the cash value, of all taxable property or debts in the posses11 sion or under the control of such person.

1 . The Legislature shall not hereafter exempt any pro2 perty or class of property from taxation, except such as is not

3 expressly exempted by the statutes of this State.

Mr. RUMSEY moved to amend the amendment proposed by Mr. Allen by inserting after the word "persons," in line 8, the following:

“Except such debts as in the sworn statements hereinafter mentioned, shall be particularly set out with the name of the creditor, his residence, the date, amount, consideration and form of such indebtedness, and when the same will become due."

The question pending is the adoption of the foregoing amendment offered by Mr. Rumsey.

No. 130.


September 3, 1867.




Amendments generally being in order, the question pending is on the adoption of section 23.




1 SECTION 1. The Governor may call special sessions of the 2 Legislature by proclamation, in which shall be stated the par3 ticular object or objects for which they are so called, and no 4 business shall be transacted at any such special session except 5 such as shall be stated in the proclamation calling the same.

[blocks in formation]


SEC. 2. For any speech or debate, in either houses of the Legis

2 lature, the members shall not be questioned in any other place.


Sec. 3. Any bill may originate in either house of the Legis

2 lature, and all bills passed by one house may be amended by the

3 other.


SEC. 4. The enacting clause of all bills shall be “The

2 People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and

3 Assembly, do enact as follows,” and no law shall be enacted

4 except by bill.

1 SEC. 5. No bill shall be passed unless by the assent of a 2 majority of all the members elected to each branch of the Legis3 lature; and the question upon the final passage shall be taken

4 immediately upon its last reading, and the yeas and nays entered 5 on the journal.


SEC. 6. No law shall embrace more than one subject and the

2 matters necessarily connected therewith, which subject shall be

3 expressed in its title.

1 Sec. 7. No law shall be revised, altered or amended by 2 reference to its title only, but the act revised, or the section or 3 sections thereof altered or amended, shall be re-enacted and pub

4 lished at length, and the act so revised, or the part or parts

5 thereof so altered or amended, shall be repealed

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