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Hymn for the Sons of the Clergy .

....P. 309 To the Memory of a Young Lady who died near

Inverness in the 21st Year of her Age, August



To a Young Lady deeply interested in the Subject of the Poem...



To Lady Clan, who insisted on the Author's writ

ing a Poem on meeting, by appointment with
her and three other Ladies at an Inn on the

Road betwixt Perth and Laggan...
Ode to Hygeia :- Addressed to the late Mrs Wil-

liam Sprott, Edinburgh.-Spring 1779........331 To Miss Dunbar of Boath ....

.334 Inscription for a Garden-seat.---Sacred to the

Remembrance of a beloved Friend, Miss A.

O****, 1774.


On reading Manuscript Poems by a Young Lady,

not in the Manner but in the Spirit of Collins . 339 Written in one of the Duke of Atholl's walks at

Blair, after making a clandestine entrance

through the River Tilt, Summer 1796........341 Peaceful Shades ..







WFUL and stern the rugged entrance low’rs P. 200 All hail ! ye frowning terrors of my way........204 Awak'd to thought matur'd by age.

.314 Blest was the Chief, who, full of days and fame 991 Come, then, explore with me each winding glen ..31 Com'st thou with swift wing in thy strength, O wind !.....

.372 Dear Nancy, well you know my way..

161 Dear lowly cottage, o'er whose humble thatch ....208 Dear Beatrice, with pleasure I read your kind letter......

.236 Dear Lady Clan, you well may know ,

.320 Daughter of exercise and calm content... .331 Far to the North the howling tempest drove ......21 Fair daughter of that fleeting race..

.278 From the recesses of this wild domain..

.286 Go, artless records of a life obscure....

:17 Hear, princely youth, th’unletter'd rustic muse. .290 How blest those olive plants that grew ..309 Helen, by every sympathy allied.....

.334 In vain my eyelids seek repose....

.273 Muse, that lov'st the lonely mountain .. ..294 Now, hark ! what loud tumultuous joys resound...4.5

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