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Encon, Francis, viccrent St. arin

'Thoughts that Breathe

and Words that Burn,' from the
Writings of Francis Bacon,
Baron of Verulam, Viscount
St. Albans, and Lord
High Chancellor of
England: Selected
by Alexander

B. Grofart

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It has been no fight aggravation of our difficulty and responsibility in making these Selections from Bacon--but a difficulty common to nearly all of the series that the

Thoughts that breathe and words that burn' multiplied upon us as we went on reviving many years of study of this supreme Thinker and Writer. The fimple truth-of-fact is that ours has been Sydney Smith's Dame Partington's talk of trying to put the Atlantic Ocean into her pail. The Atlantic Ocean beat her, and I willingly confess to like defeat in my endeavour to represent so Splendid an intelleet and so incomparable a Mylift by the present volume. Nevertheless, so far as they go, our selections are representative, and certes verify our title-page. But it were an easy as delightful service of love to gather half-a-score of fimilar volumes of identical quality.

One cautionary observation I may be permitted to make, viz., that a reader of

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