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This is not truly an Errata. It is merely an attempt to bring the 1923 Blue Book up to the last minute of publication. The following items are merely inserted to make this book as valuable as possible as a reference. The entire volume has been very carefully edited and proof read and except for a few typographical errors is absolutely correct, with the following insertions which are given page numbers so that the readers may know where to place them.

On pages 126 and 156 reference is made to the State Board of Education. The bill abolishing this State Board of Education was signed by the Governor on May 23, 1923, and was effective July 1, 1923, so that all reference to the State Board of Educatior should be taken in the past tense and not the present.

On page 215 the name of Andrew R. McDonald, of South Kaukauna, Outagamie Co., should appear as member of the Railroad Commission to succeed Henry R. Trumbower, whose term expired the first Monday in February, 1923. Mr. McDonald was appointed April 30, and confirmed by the Senate May 3rd, and his term will expire in February of 1929.

On page 249 the name of John D. Jones, Jr., of Racine Co., who was appointed May 24, 1923, for a term to finish February 1, 1927, to succeed C. P. Norgord, as Commissioner of Agriculture, should appear.

On page 346 the name of Ralph M. Immell, appointed by the Governor as Adjutant General to succeed John G. Salsman, who was appointed as temporary Adjutant General following the death of General Holway, should appear. General Immell took office June 1st, 1923.

On page 589 the attention of the reader is called to the transposition of the headings of the "Officers and Committees of the Senate1923, and the "Officers and Committees of the Assembly-1923.” Through an error the "Assembly” heading is over the Senate and the "Senate” heading is over the Assembly.

After a careful resume of the book these appear to be the only corrections or additions which are necessary at the present time.


Editor of Public Printing.

May 29, 1923.

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