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Bis belternet. aste renterparaamthis states are The realition of the assets is expected to be good, pre bably from 12 6d to 158 in the pound

The creditors of Messrs. Ravenhil, Hodgson es and Co., who suspended payments a short time d since, will be paid the amount of their claimsi.

full, on applying to Messes. Turquand, Young
and Co., the accountants, on Friday next, be
tween the hours of twelve and three and o'clocks

The Crédit Foncier of England (Limited) annonnee thsome
the Definitive Bonds of the issue of $1,200,000 Eight per
Cent. First Mortgage Gold Bonds of the Arkansas Centra 101
Railway Company will be ready for delivery, in exchang
for fully-paid scrip certificates, on and after the 2001
instant; and they also inform the bondholders that the
will be prepared to cash the coupons payable in Nero
York, on the 1st January next, at the rate of £8 sterling
per coupon of $40 if notified prior to the 28th inst. S o

Messrs. Grant Brothers and Co. request holders of this
Scrip Certificates of the Seven per Cent. First Mortgages
Building Bonds of the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany of the United States, who have not yet exchange
them for the definitive bonds, to do so on or before the go
31st instant.

The subscription list of the Foreign and Colonial God vernment Trust (fifth issue) will close for London anco the country on Monday next, the 23rd inst.

The committee of the Stock Exchange have allowed the Five per Cent. Debentures (representing a loan of £406,800 issued at Sydney in October last) of theo vernment of New South Wales to be officially que

The weekly traffic returns of the principal in way Companies show that the Midland creased £8,339; the Great War Western, £6,771 ; th• No politan, £867


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