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" Lucifer's example of impenitence. The angel is sent to banish them out of Paradise ; but before, causes to pass before his eyes, in shapes, a mask of all the evils of this life and world. He is humbled, relents, despairs ; at last appears Mercy, comforts... "
Cowper's Milton [the poetical works, with life, notes and tr. by W. Cowper ... - Página 208
por John Milton - 1810
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The Complete Poetical Works of John Milton

John Milton - 1899 - 419 páginas
...appears Mercy, comforts him, promises him the Messiah ; then calls in Faith, Hope, Charity ; instmcts him . He repents, gives God the glory, submits to his penalty. The Chorus briefly concludes. — Compare this with the former Draft." As will appear below, not only the idea of the dramatic form,...
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