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" The winds of March with beauty; violets dim, But sweeter than the lids of Juno's eyes Or Cytherea's breath; pale primroses, That die unmarried, ere they can behold Bright Phoebus in his strength, a malady Most incident to maids; bold oxlips and The crown... "
The Plays and Poems of William Shakspeare: With the Corrections and ... - Página 355
por William Shakespeare - 1821
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Shakespeare: Essays aus Ungarn ; ausgewählt, übertragen und mit Anmerkungen ...

András Horn - 2008 - 208 páginas
...Bright Phoebus in his strength— a malady Most incident to maids; bold oxlips, and The crown imperial; lilies of all kinds, The flower-de-luce being one....of, and my sweet friend, To strew him o'er and o'er. (l 13- 129) Touchstone:... Truly, I would the gods had made thee poetical. Audrey: I do not know what...
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