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" It is as far as I can gather, no other than is warranted by the evidence of truth. And the same which I have professed, and maintained, ever since the Lord in mercy revealed Himself unto me. Being far from the common report that hath been spread of you... "
Our Plymouth Forefathers: The Real Founders of Our Republic - Página 158
por Charles Stedman Hanks - 1907 - 339 páginas
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Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers

Alexander Young - 2005 - 372 páginas for your kind love and care in sending Mr, Fuller amongst us, and rejoice much that I am by him satisfied touching your judgment of the outward form of God's worship; it is, as far as 1 Mr. Endicot, with a small company, was sent to carry on a small plantation at Naurokeak, He sailed...
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