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" Thyself and thy belongings Are not thine own so proper, as to waste Thyself upon thy virtues, they on thee. Heaven doth with us as we with torches do, Not light them for themselves; for if our virtues Did not go forth of us, 't were all alike As if we... "
Shakspere's Werke, herausg. und erklärt von N. Delius. [With] Nachträge und ... - Página 10
por William Shakespeare - 1859
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The Spiritual Dimension: Religion, Philosophy and Human Value

John Cottingham - 2005
...others, are not extraneous demands on Christian theology but its life and soul. 6 IMAGES OF INTEGRATION Heaven doth with us, as we with torches do, Not light...forth of us, t 'were all alike As if we had them not. Shakespeare, Measure for Measure.41 Consideration of the problem posed by various differing traditions...
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