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" I' the commonwealth I would by contraries Execute all things ; for no kind of traffic Would I admit ; no name of magistrate ; Letters should not be known : riches, poverty, And use of service, none ; contract, succession, Bourn, bound of land, tilth,... "
The Plays of William Shakspeare: Sketch of the life of Shakspeare. Tempest ... - Página 27
por William Shakespeare - 1811
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Shakespeare Made Easy: The Tempest

Tanya Grosz - 2004 - 46 páginas
...time to speak it in: you rub the sore, when you should bring the plaster." (lines I34-I37) 5. *T th' commonwealth I would by contraries execute all things; name of magistrate; letters should not be known; riches, poverty, and use of service, none; contract, succession, bourn, bound of land, tilth, vineyard,...
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