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Unity 2D Game Development

Dave Calabrese - 2014 - Pré-visualização limitada
A fun, easy-to-follow experience that takes you from an empty project in Unity 4.3+ all the way to a finished, functional 2D platformer, while giving you challenges and ideas to take what you learn in this book and expand upon it. This book is ...
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Beginning Android 4 Application Development

Wei-Meng Lee - 2012 - Pré-visualização limitada
Understand Android OS for both smartphone and tablet programming This fast-paced introduction to the newest release of Android OS gives aspiring mobile app developers what they need to know to program for today's hottest Android smartphones and ...
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Mastering Unity Scripting

Alan Thorn - 2015 - Pré-visualização limitada
Mastering Unity Scripting is an advanced book intended for students, educators, and professionals familiar with the Unity basics as well as the basics of scripting. Whether you've been using Unity for a short time or are an experienced user, this ...
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Professional Android 4 Application Development

Reto Meier - 2012 - Pré-visualização limitada
Provides information on using Android 3 to build and enhance mobile applications, covering such topics as creating user interfaces, using intents, databases, creating and controlling services, creating app widgets, playing audio and video ...
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